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Is 15 too young to have really hairy legs?
I'm going on holiday soon and I'm really scared to put my shorts on cuz my legs and I have hairy chest 2 how do I trim my hair with out making it look like I cut it thanks :)
get a waxing job
Help needed for Young Hairy Guy - I fancy so many guys I see, especially when they are very smooth?
This is an issue that won’t go away. I’m 24, 6ft 2inches tall and a young man. The problem as I see it is my hairy-ness. I have a hairy chest, back, bum, upper arms as well as shoulders. I know laser is expensive and not permanent, so too is waxing (painful), hair-removal creams (short-term) and razor-shaving (even shorter).

It frustrates me that I have the genetics and DNA which leave me with this excess hair. I see so many topless and sleeveless guys who are smooth and I’m so jealous and frustrated that I’m not. I had no choice I was born with a certain make-up and this made me feel like I shouldn’t have been born! I feel like a freak, an outcast and an alien often!

The way I look is difficult to change – but it may be possible to kill the testosterone. This will surly mean I can’t reproduce. It’s a difficult dilemma for me. I wonder why I am so hairy?! I have said strong things here but it reflects the way I see it.
Why don't you accept yourself the way you are? There are girls that like men with a bit of hair, rather than someone that has a smooth chest like a baby's butt. You talk about the hair as if it were a's not like you're missing an arm or a leg or have some severe disfigurement. If the only thing that's putting you off waxing is pain, then it can't be that bad, otherwise you would do what it takes. What man flinches at a bit of pain? it's not like it's excruciating, millions of women go through the pain of waxing their armpits, legs and not to mention privates...and you don't hear them complaining.
Do young college girls matter if a guy is a bit hairy?
I try to cover my arms from elbow up. My forearms are a bit hairy too but I can't cover everything. I'm a bit worried about this because I'm kinda hairy and I know girls aren't into it. I dont like my body hair either so I understand. But I'm wondering if girls between 18 to 23 care about that sort of thing?
So long as you have enough money women don't care what you are like.
I am a hairy young man, is it okay to wear V-Necks?
I'm 17 and have been pretty self-conscious about my body hair. Yeah, it's a lot. But anyway, I like wearing V-Neck shirts. Is it weird if you see a guy wearing a V-Neck and chest hair is all up in dat? I'm sure that there will be a lot of jokes on this one, so do your worst. My low self esteem can take it!
ps. The suggested category was for transgender support hahaha.
I LOVE guys with body hair, some girls do.. some dont. I say GO FOR IT!! No need to be self-conscious, you are who you are =)
Girls is a hairy chest unattractive. on young athletic body with nice abs?
i am 20 athletic and nice abs 8-pack. i am curious though if a hairy chest is unattractive. its pretty hairy and makes it harder to see my abs.
A little hairy is okay. Like REALLY LITTLE.
But, if it's pretty hairy, then i consider that VERY, VERY unattractive.
Do young women like young men that are on the hairy side?
im 18 and several women have seemed to be disgusted, or at the very least dislike, me being hairier than the average 18 yr old. is it something that most women agree on, or does it vary? also, does it change as women get older, do they like it more as they age/grow up?
sorry, hon. i dont think young women care 2 much 4 hairy guys.

BUT, it does change somewhat as we get older.

not a whole lot. but even if we dont 'prefer' it, we mature to a point of looking pass that & look at what is important.

so dont worry.

that will be 1 thing that's not important.
Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… young gay hairy men?????????????
young gay hairy men with belly n chest hairy wanna email me thanx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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My vagina is realy hairy and im realy young and im scared should i wax?
i feel waxing is the best way to go but im young and i dont know how im going to get it done without my mom know i would shave but it seems as though i would get a super rash and start bleeding also i would use a electric razor but they seem complicated lol
Hi,, you really don't want to start waxing,, for one it is VERY painful down there. What I always did was just use the trimmer on an electric razor to keep it trimmed. That way you don't encourage lots more hair to grow in,, and you don't get the rash from all your hair growing back in if you shave it. Hope this helps

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