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Where should a woman pee when in a private pool?
My friend likes to come over and swim in my pool from time to time. She told me she hates to go in the house because it is so cold from the air conditioning and the whole wet bathing suit thing. If she chooses to not pee in the pool, what should she do? I told her just pee in the pool but, she said no way. Any suggestions?
Tickle her till she pees!
How many times a night do other pregnant woman pee?
I am curious as to what other preggo's say. I am 20 weeks, and I wake up 2-3 (usually 3) times a night to pee. How about you?
Im up 2-3 times! Ugh so annoying cause its hard to get back to sleep sometimes!

Im 40 weeks!
Why do some woman pee alot on there monthly period & is it normal?
I pee alot more on my period than I do when I'm off it. It's long pees sometimes but mostly small like little squirts at a time. It's weird I've been like this since I was teenager.
ik-i have the same problem & it feels like my tampon is preventing me to pee sometimes, i know it sounds weird, but that's how it feels for me.
How come men pee standing up and woman pee sitting down?
I dont know why they do that. Please tell me why and please send a source!
Because if a man sits down, it's just hanging down in the crapper. Women would just miss as it doesn't just stay in a straight line. We would leave a mess on the seat.
Can a woman pee standinding up outside without squating or leaning up against something?
without it getting on their shooes or running down their legs and can a woman do this without using a funnel or peeing into a cup or something
Well, girl guyren can. I don't know at what age they lose the ability...it's probably gradual, and a matter of aim and a wider, messier spray.
How in the world does a WOMAN manage to get pee on the toilet seat?
I am sorry if this is a gross question but I see this in public restrooms all the time. Are women are peeing standing up? I just don't get it.
Also, if somehow they do manage to get pee on the toilet seat, why don't they WIPE IT OFF?? Why do I have to do it? I use the toilet seat covers all the time but still, be courteous!!
I agree, how GROSS and RUDE to leave it like that.

They are trying to straddle over the seat without sitting on it, and as a result they spray the whole stinking rim down. They're so worried about the nasty toilet seat, and yet it's people like them who make it nasty in the first place!
How often should a woman pee?
Every four hours, every hour, or like 10 times in an hour?
Especially if a woman who has given birth vaginally, she might have issues with incontinence and should definitely go pee before jumping on a trampoline in a bikini.

Psych issues including fear of accidents may lead a woman to have to think she has to pee more frequently than she actually would have to physically.

those who have trouble with frequent urination should see a doctor. The doctor might just recommend doing kegiel exercises before prescribing meds. If neither of those work it might be time for a surgical alternative.

WOMEN ONLY:Is it possible for a woman to pee standing up?
Went to China last year and found squating a nightmare. Going camping in south america this year and not looking forward to doing it again.... I hear it is possible for women to pee standing up, anyone with any experience of this? how do you do it?
yes you can! it takes practice though! It's best to start practicing in the shower.

# Lift the toilet seat, using a piece of tissue if necessary

# Stand facing the toilet and lift your skirt or pull down your pants

# pull your underwear to one side or down

# use your hands to spread your outer or inner labia, pulling upwards and outwards

# aim and release urine into toilet in an arc, making sure to keep labia out of the stream to avoid spray

# use toilet paper to wipe if necessary

# pull up your pants or pull down your skirt

# flush and wash your hands
How is it possible for a woman to pee standing up?
I read a quesitons where a woman said she did all the time. How is that possible.
Women have a few ways of peeing standing up;

1. They just open their legs up and pee, this tends to require you to be without any bottoms or underwear on and can result in peeing on yourself, not recommended for peeing outdoors but tends to be inevitable if you are particularly drunk and miles from home.

2. They direct their urethra the same way that men do, with practice this can be done easily, basically they make a ‘V’ shape with their first two fingers, place them on their vulva either side of their urethra and direct it upwards so they can pee as a man would, only with a shorter urethra and different equipment obviously. Useful skill to have, but few women do it those who do have either practiced for a while in the shower to use it when there is no other way to pee, or some feminist lesbian types will do it as part of that butch ‘anything you can do I can do better’ ideology.

3. They use a device, there are a few different inventions to help women pee standing up like cone shaped cardboard tubes that they place where their urethra is and then aim the tube like you would a penis. These tend to be popular for women who do things such as hiking where squatting down in nettles or being attacked while peeing may be risks so standing up when peeing makes more sense.

There was a web site a few years ago that had instructions on how to pee standing up just using your fingers, but it has gone down and been replaced by a site advertising one of the inventions to use to pee standing up, like this one www.shepee.co.uk

Why does a woman pee more when she is pregnant?
I thought the answer might be that as the baby gets bigger it pushes down on her bladder, but why is that an early sign when the baby is not very big????
because the uterus is pushing down on your bladder making it hold less water. this happens even in the early stages because when pregnant your uterus expands, even before the baby does.

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