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What are the signs to tell if someone has a uniform fetish?
My friend is always asking me to dress up in different costumes for him. He also claimed once he likes to see girls in different uniforms like karate, maid, japanese school uniforms, etc. Does he have a uniform fetish? How can I tell?
If he wants you to dress if diff uniforms and he likes diff uniforms on girls, then that would be having a fetish. It may not be so much as a uniform fetish, as it is a 'costume' fetish.
Are there any girls here with a school uniform fetish?
What's your favorite type of school uniform to wear?
Do you like to wear your tie?
Type of leather school shoes? (flats or heels)
i like to wear anything thats sexy and with the school girl outfit i think the tie always looks good and with heels but just a normal white shirt.
Sexual arousal when wearing tall riding boots over tight breeches. Military uniform fetish?
I get excited about wearing the complete equestrian show attire.
I end up masturbating after wearing this attire.

I enjoy wearing a black riding coat, white dress shirt, tight white breeches, and of course tall black shiny leather dressage boots.

I think I look really good in this attire. I am not bothered if people think I look silly wearing equestrian attire. I only do this at a tack shop or at the stables.
You're weird
How can you tell if you have a fetish with men in uniform?
My girlfriend says I have an unhealthy interest in Policemen and I was wondering if this is a common thing for young men and how I can go about persuading her that I don't really find men interesting in a sexual way? I am just fascinated by them. That's all.
Tell her its the authority of the uniform that impresses u, if u find even the ugly men in uniform good u may have a temporary fetish, I used to have a thing for motorcyclists, bus drivers & driving instructors but not now, I have a thing for cops 4 now!
Military uniform fetish?
I have a military uniform fetish and was just wondering how common or uncommon it is and if anyone else has one.

I just go crazy for a guy in a uniform. I get so turned on by just thinking about it. I find that military uniforms make a guy look very dominant, manly and authoritative. And that is a real turn on for me. I also like to wear military style clothes. I didn't know of this fetish I had until recently, I only just realised and now I can't help but go gaga over any handsome guy in a uniform. But I have loved military style clothing for many, many years. It now makes sense.

I know this is kinda bad but I like the German SS uniforms best. I don't like what they stood for, but the uniforms are hot. I just appreciate any good looking uniform. Why do all the bad guys get the best uniforms!?

Heck, if there was an attractive woman cross dressing in a mans uniform I would go nuts for her too. And I am straight! Lol!

I am fine with my fetish, but would you think I am weird for it?
And if anyone has any other fetishes feel free to say what they are. Then maybe mine won't seem so bad lol!
You're not the only one! A handsome guy in a military uniform- definitely sexy.
I'm pretty sure heaps of people have a military fetish!
I don't really have much preference with the designs as long as it makes the man look good.
Pilot or police uniforms are also a yes. And I love a guy in a business suit- well-dressed and classy. :) Hmmm maybe it's just the whole 'authorative look' for me.
I wouldn't go nuts for a woman cross-dressing in a uniform, but hey i like the military fashion trend. Loving the combat boots and khaki.
Juding from your picture, I'm guessing you like anime. Check out hetalia if you haven't already. :)
Do I have a uniform fetish (with an odd twist.)?
I found that I become incredibly aroused by US solider / marine combat uniforms from world war 2 and vietnam era. I do find modern military uniforms sexy to but not in the same level as the 'vintage" design.

Does anyone have anything similar to this or am i the only one!

Is this a variation of the classic uniform fetish or not? I am not sure if I have this kink but I am not sure anymore.

im sure there are many people out there with this fetish........ i wouldnt worry it seems healthy enough!
Is there such thing as a uniform fetish?
I have such a thing for men in soldier uniforms, not modern uniforms like the ones that the soldiers today in Iraq and Iran wear, but rather the old type ones like the KGB and SA/SS uniforms, now I in no way agree with the atrocities these two groups did but the sight of them in that type of uniform sends me mad. I also have it, but to a lesser extent, with men in suits and men in doctor's coats (although I think the latter has something to do with me hoping to become a pathologist in the future). I hate when men wear feminine clothes also, like skinny genes and eyeliner. Any ideas if this is a fetish and what it means?
Story of my life.
Yes there is such a thing as a uniform fetish. I have a uniform fetish. I think it is quite common really. And I do know that a lot of women like men in uniform. I like mostly military, but I like other things too such as police, fire etc (I also like doctors coats too). I like a smart, clean, disciplined, professional looking man (although a guy dirty and sweating in a combat uniform is such a turn on too!)

I also find that uniforms can accentuate a mans features. The cut of the uniforms are really nice and can enhance features. Uniforms can trigger something inside me. Something primal and primitive. I relate that to them. It is both physical and emotional for me. They make men look good, and they give off an air and trigger associations for me.

And I do LOVE those SS uniforms. I think they are so stylish. I am not a Nazi, I just like uniforms. The SS uniforms, especially those black Allgemeine SS uniforms are really stylish and they turn me on (Hugo Boss produced them and they were designed to look good and stylish). And the black, omg, the black makes them look so dominant and authoritative. I can't help it.. ;_; They ooze power...

I hate Nazis, I don't condone what they did at all but their uniforms have that effect on me, the way they were made, how they were styled, it's just very... well, put it this way, if their uniforms were in fashion, they would dominate the uniform fashion world. I find them so sexy!

For me, it's not a "true" fetish (where you cannot get sexually aroused without said fetish) but it is defo more than a like or preference for me, so I class it as a fetish. I also have a thing for suits too. Also things like fedoras, suspenders, trench coats, waistcoats, gloves, boots etc. Kind of like this:


And like you, I do get turned on by them, but to a lesser extent than with uniforms.
And yes, I like being dominated and do get turned on by domination and authority (I like BDSM), which is probably one reason why I like uniforms so much, especially the SS uniforms since they ooze dominance and black is a very dominant colour. :x

I don't like men wearing feminine clothes either, at all. It is a total turn off because they do not scream "Masculine" to me. They scream "Feminine". And that puts me off.
I think you and I are really alike. What you said is exactly how I think and feel too.

I think it is OK to have this fetish. As long as it isn't seriously harming yourself or harming others it should be fine. Many people have fetishes. There is no "normal". I actually really enjoy this fetish. It brightens up my day lol. Although I have to try to control myself sometimes. I'm like "JUST. ACT. NATURAL." lol.
How can I get rid of my men in uniform fetish?

For the last couple years, I've had a sexual fetish for men in uniforms, mostly cop uniforms. I had a traumatic experience with some police officers a few years ago which was very unpleasant and I think that's when it started. Although I'm not sure how it got translated into a fetish. Am I having some sort of repressed thoughts? I really dislike it, I don't want it to have so much control over me. please if you can offer any advice or if you know how to overcome it..? Should I see a mental health professional? I really don't want to because it's so embarrasing and confusing.

ps. Serious advice from adults only., I know there are a lot of immature guys on here.

thank you in advance.
Fetishes can arise from pleasant and unpleasant experiences. I'm no psychologist, but it's possible your fetish arose from a subconscious desire to have had some control during the traumatic event with the police officers. A sexual fetish can also be an attempt by the subconscious mind to de-mystify and "make safe" a traumatic experience by focusing on one aspect of an experience and sexualising it. If this was happening to me I would consider it a phase I was going through on the journey to recovery from the bad experience with the police officers. Try not to worry about it. Worrying can blow small problems out of all proportion.

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