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Is it necessary to use special RV toilet paper in trailers and motorhomes?
Is there a certain brand of ordinary toilet paper that is suitable in this situation.
I would guess you have never had to make a stop to unload the holding tanks of an rv yet. Yes you do need an rv approved toilet paper. The reason is you want all the waste material to be as fluid as possible so that it does not clog up your drain lines rv paper is as flimsy as can be and dissolves quickly in the holding tank. Be sure to also use an rv holding tank additive these help the waste materials dissolve, reduce oder and help in the cleaning process of the tank and lines. A good movie to watch that's a barrel of laughs as to why you need it is RV with Robin Williams there is a scene in the movie where he has to deal with a clogged waste line, you would never want to happen.
Why can't they put toilets in tractor-trailers for portable sanitation problems in disasters?
They could put public toilets with privet stalls and public showers can be put in these trailers or separate trailers. They could have a Generator for hot water hot water and lighting. These should be made in advance of disasters and ship where needed.
They do.
And FEMA is supposed to deliver them.
Heckuva job, Brownie.
I'm looking for a toilet trailer rental for a wedding coming up?
Does anyone know a good website to rent one at a decent price/
Here is a website with a ton of location (which you didn't specify) but you should be able to find what your looking for. Here are some links to try out. Hope it Helps!………
Use a 50 gallon drum on a trailer for a portable toilet?
Is there any reason why a person couldn't just use a 50 plastic gallon drum on a trailer and cover it with ply wood and toilet seat, attached a sewer hose and dump it at a dump station? any hints suggestions? this is for a not for profit event!! Cant afford to rent a portable from a company right now
1) you will need to transfer 50 gallons of ****, How?
2) you may need a licences to transfer waste do you have?
3) the station may not accept waste from a bucket. Ask!
I need to find a shower and toilet combination for a horse trailer and instructions on how to install?
the trailer has a small dressing room so space is limited, This will be the first project of this kind I have taken on and I am very unsure of myself
check with an RV trailer or travel trailer dealer they may have what your looking for
My travel trailer the toilet stinks like **** how do i get rid of it it is empty and hooked up to a septic tan?
it is empty
When you flush your toilet a flap goes down to let the stuff out. Your flap might not be closing good. Keeping water in the toilet keeps the odor out. If water does not stay in, the flap is not sealing. You are getting a draft from the trap.
I had clogged pipes that made my toilet overflow while I was doing a load of laundry?
I ran and turned off the washer, but needless to say my toilet was just gushing water. I live in a trailer and water got into the duct. Well, everything was cleaned up, but now my bathroom smells like a sewer. The smell is coming out of the duct. Does anyone know how to get rid of that smell.
If water got into the duct vent it also ran into the duct line itself.. meaning it is in the vent duct line.
(line silver flex vent running from mean trunk line)

go under the trailer and take vent duct line off. (prob strapped on with plastic strap) drain that water out. let it dry. don't crush it/flatten it. keep its round shape. you can lay it on ground on plastic
or paper and let it dry. you can let air/heat blow thru it from ac to speed up drying.

then place duct line back on vent box. you my have to duct tape it back on if you had to cut strap
off to remove.
I live in a single-wide trailer. What kind of gallon system do I most likely have in my toilet?
This septic system cleaner I've got says to put 1 qt per 500 gallon system in the toilet. How do I know what kind of gallon system I have?
With a single wide you probably got have a 500-600 system as long as the perc tested OK. 1 qt should more than do it. Their recommendations are to try to get you to buy more and/or take care of the very worst situations. You can probably use half of that and do just fine unless you have been having problems.

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