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Teens: Kissing.....??? ??? ?
Ok, I need help...i'm in 7th grade and I have a bf.. I like him...a lot..! But im scared to tell my parents cuz they'l get all mushy...! But my initial question was where can i kiss him at school w\o gerting caught...? I already kno a few places ...Before skool- we are outside for like an hour.. And no teachers..at lunch under the table(most risky) any more suggestions...?
She isn't too young for a simple kiss...

And assuming your middle school is super strict, before or after school would be the best times. You guys could meet up somewhere else near the school (like a 3 min walk) and do it.
Teens kissing?
hello. im a regular 15year old and im just wondering if its bad to kiss a good friend who's a girl that you really like with out notice?
A quick peck on the cheek would probably be a nice surprise. Other kinds of kissing could ruin your friendship - either make sure they want the relationship to change, or make sure it's worth the risk to you.
Why do a lot of shows lately show preteens kissing and now like teens getting pregnant?
I feel like lately it's as if that's considered normal for like preteens to be kissing or teens pregnant on shows. I know it's only shows, but I always thought wow that's sort of pressuring when your like in your late teens and you watching preteens talk about their first and other stuff like that. Does anyone else think that?
omg right?! its soo annoying. they teach guyren to dress in certain ways and try to get attention from boys. not only the shows alone but i don't like it. Eight year olds and under should not know about boyfriends or be focused on having them. The media is just horrible lately, you walk around hearing guys singing songs like lollipop and songs about sex and not knowing what they mean.

it's utterly ridiculous. The younger generation is going to be a generation of sluts of things continue in the direction they're going... but that's just me
Teens kissing Adults illegal even in movies?
I know it is illegal for a minor to engage in sexual acts with an adult but does this apply to movies as well? Has there been movies which show kissing or even sex between them? Obviously not mother and son kinda kissing u know what i mean ..
Kissing isn't against the law, sexual activity is. There is a difference.

There have been a number of movies depicting sexual acts in that manner and many more including kissing. It isn't illegal as it isn't real.
How long do you think teens should wait before kissing?
This doesn't apply to me or anything, I am just wondering what you guys think. So once you have been going out with someone how long do you usually wait? And when you do kiss do you frensh first or just a peck?
In my opinion, making out is pretty personal...I don't understand how people can go around making out with random people or people they haven't known long. I think it's just...bleh.

A kiss on the cheek is different though. I would say that's fine after a couple days. But I think it should be at least a few weeks before they're swapping spit.

I would never start with a french kiss. I like the idea of taking it slow and moving up the bases in the correct (or close to it) order. I've only ever kissed one person, my boyfriend. I think it was about a month and a half after we started dating that we had our first real kiss.
What age do teens stop planning kissing?
Were in high school and 1/2 the people do. What age will it stop?
Whenever you get comfortable with non-planned kissing

i mean thats why their usually planned, when people are nervous.
What age do usually guys/teens start french kissing in America?
I live in Brazil and just wondered,I've been many times in US but never been to parties or any school,so my interest is what age avaregely do people actually start the french kissing in US?Here in Brazil it seems like most start at the age of 10-11.Do you guys think is to soon or normal?Even knowing I started soon I do reallise I've started to early.Also majority of the times they do it for fun that's it,not with the person that they date or "love".
Just wanna know how does it work in US
wen they get in junior high,like 12,13,14 yrs old.
TEENS: Is kissing your dad on the lips at 14 wrong?
Another question inspired me to ask this one. I'm just talking like a peck, when you leave, go to bed, etc. Is this okay? For a girl, btw.
Its totally fine. Lips are just another part of the face like cheeks or the forehead. I do that all the time. Its not like your making out with him.
Did teens play any kissing games during the early 70's?
Like spin the bottle or 7 minutes in heaven?
Oh the memories...lol
Yeah, we played spin the bottle and palm up-palm down, three second rule, just to name a few.

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