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How can you stop my legs from itching when I wear stockings?
Whenever I wear stockings my legs itches intensly and constantly until I take them off. How can I stop this itching?
You may be allergic to something in your stockings. If they have an elasthane, elastic or Lycra content, or moisturizer added, try some without.

You could also try taking an antihistamine. If that stops the itching, it's an allergy.

Alternatively, you may just have sensitive skin. Try moisturising your legs with baby oil or E45 cream.
Are the fairytopia Barbies wearing stockings or are their legs painted?
My sister and I were going to go as Elina and Dandelionfor Halloween, and are going to make costumes. We were looking at the dolls to make authentic costumes, but couldn't tell if they are wearing stockings or leg paint. Thanks!
Also, if anyone knows where some good pictures of different angles of the dolls are that would be great. Thanks!
They are stockings

Here are some picz:

Hope I helped!!
Dark spots on legs and stockings?
I will be attending a party in the near future, but I have a problem. I dislike my legs because I dark spots on them. I got a bad case of mosquito bites and itched them, and they became bumps then remained as spots. The spots have naturally gotten lighter, but haven't completely left. If I wear nude stockings, will my spots show through them?
Put some make-up on it that's what I do if I have a bruise or something.
How can I make my legs look less vainy/look like i have stockings on?
I get picked on how my legs look a bit vainy and I dont want that. It makes me not want to wear skirts and shorts. I want my legs to look nice and look like i have nude stockings on! Can anyone help me?
Start to wear nylons. Think about it. Wearing nylons will be a win win situation for you. First of all from an astectic standpoint your blemmishes will disappear. This will make you actually look more attractive and actually it will make you feel sexy. Feeling that way can do a lot for your own personal ego and how your days goes. The better you feel during the day the more endorphines get released into your brain and better your aspect on life is. Wear stockings becasue you are a women and women today are losing their femininity. Wear stockings often and make the other guys who like to see women looking like women happy.

Good luck!
Is it true ladies that stockings or nylons can increase the sensitivity of your legs and feet?
do your legs and feet feel like the get more sensative when wearing stockings/nylons...especially the silky kind?
um, why would you need to know that?
I'm a quadriplegic with limited use of my legs and just started wearing compression stockings a few weeks ago?
but they don't seem to be helping with the swelling in my feet and the temperature of the skin below my knees...I use a wheelchair and it's impossible to transfer out of it into a recliner to elevate my legs...should I try a different stocking ? should I forget the stockings altogether ? I could really use some professional help here please !
mnw, as a quadriparetic there is going to be very limited use of the muscles of the legs. This is the reason for the fluid in the ankles. There are very few options available to you. You can use gradient hose but that would only help if they were applied when the swelling was at its lowest point. It would then help to keep the fluid out or at least reduced. What I would suggest is that at night or sometime during the day you have compression pump sleeves put on. The graduated type would be the best but any pumping system would be helpful. Once you have used that for a half to a full hour or so then have the compression hose applied. This would be the best way to control the problem. If you have the insurance that would cover products such a T.E.D. stockings get those. They are specifically measured for you and would be graded appropriately.
My wife has me wear fishnet stockings to clean in but they are itchy on my legs?
My wife has me wear fishnet stockings and things like that to clean in but they are itchy on my legs How can I make them less itchy and more comfortable?
Shave or wax your legs
Looking for long leg diabetic stockings in a heavy weight fabric for a woman with massive legs?
neighbor lady 86 yrs has huge legs that swell tremendously at times. I found a pair of long white diabetic socks with no name or size or number markings on them which fit her beautifully and now she would like to get 2 more pair and I have no idea where to start to look for more...our area pharmacies have never seen anything like them and have not been able to find a pair of support socks or diabetic socks large enough to fit her. They are a heavyweight white soft material.
Do you know whether or not she has lymphoma in her legs?Either way,go to this site's for tall men,but they have a variety of clothing,down to socks(including diabetic socks) and men clothing is usually bigger than women's so with her legs being so big hopefully this will help her..God bless and good luck..
What did women wear on their legs in winter back when nylon stockings were the norm?
Like when the temperatures were below 0F or -20C and it was too cold to go around in bare legs?
Slacks have been around for women to wear for a long, long time! I have a picture of my mother and two of her sisters taken during winter on the farm in Saskatchewan. The youngest Aunt in the picture was 16 years old at the time and she is the only one wearing a skirt (below her knees but above her ankle boots--and there is obviously heavy stockings on her legs). My Mom and her other sister are wearing slacks. This picture would have been taken in 1937/38.

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