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What are some Broadway songs, alto, solo, for girls, you need to sing an accent with?
What are some Broadway songs, alto, solo, for girls, you need to sing an accent with?

I want to sing one for an audition, and for the fun of it, and to show i can take a challenge, I want an accent needed song.
off the top of my head...u can sing from west side story or from in the heights for a hispanic accent
Are there any solo songs for girls in the Phantom of the Opera?
First of all, don't call me stupid and that I should go see the play. I don't have access to the play, but I have read the book.

I am in a singer's workshop, and we have to choose a song from a musical, so I figured it'd be fun to do a Phantom of the Opera song since I loved the book. I just wanna know if there are any solo songs for girls to sing. Thanks.
PonyPower is correct in the fact that they are mostly all written for sopranos.

Solo songs include:

Think of Me… (This is the Canadian production, so some of the lyrics are a bit different. Nonetheless.)

Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again:…

And a substantially shorter one, Twisted Every Way, which ends about 45 seconds of the way through this video:…

(And isn't the book just awesome?)
What girls have solo's in the Broadway version of Grease?
Obviously Sandy. But otherwise, apparently there's some differentiation between the Broadway and movie version. As for the Broadway version, which girls [Marty, Frenchie, Rizzo, Jan, Patty] have solos?
Rizzo, Marty
What are some Broadway songs, alto, solo, and for teenage girls?
What are some Broadway songs, alto, solo, and for teenage girls?
own my own from phantom
almost any song from Annie that she sings
I'd give my life for you from miss saigon
Hello Young Lovers", "Getting To Know You"-The King & I
"I'm In Love With A Wonderful Guy"-South Pacific
"Wouldn't It be Loverly"-My Fair Lady
Any tips on getting the "california girls" solo?
soooo well be trying out for a solo for the song "california girls" by katy perry, in my choir. i really really really really want that solo!!!!!!! the second verse is the solo. i have a pretty good voice! ive gotten a solo last year, because i sung out with my great voice during the audition and everyone was shocked. but i get really nervous! thats the problem! i choke up! any tips?
Stage fright is something you have to learn to control. If you channel the adrenaline it can make you perform even better or audition even better. It's in your mindset. The old tricks about imagining the audience in their underwear might work. What it really does is it allows you to focus.

Don't brag too much on your voice though. A musician never does well to brag.
What are funny broadway solo songs for girls?
I love to make people laugh. So a funny song would be good.
An easy song to sing too, please.
Im like soprano-mezzo.
I like NOT HIGH notes, and some MINIMAL belting.
Im also fifteen if that helps.
1. Creepy Guy
2. My Passive Aggressive Friend's Thinly-Veiled Hostility Makes Me Nervous
3. Single Girl's Love Song
4. Learning Annex
5. So Not Cute
6. Nervous Breakdown
7. Stealth Hot
Whats the best way to organism for girls Going solo?
I'm kinda getting tired of the same old same old. what are some things you can do with household items that you don't have to buy to have some fun?
I am pretty sure you meant orgasm. But you can use a hairbrush or bottles, just make sure you wash them really good and don't hurt yourself.
What solo broadway song for girls should I sing?
I have a very small voice and I can't belt loudly nor can I hit extremley high notes but my teacher is making us perform a song for class from a musical and im not familiar with any. Help please :/
Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Todd Sweeney
What is a good jazz dance song for a small group or solo of 16 year old girls?
I am doing a jazz dance for a group of 4 16 year olds, as well as a solo, and I can find songs, but there hasn't been any really to seem perfect yet
thank you for your help :)
I don't know any off the top of my head, but I would definitely check out . They have music search forums that are FULL of songs. It's awesome<33

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