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What kind of sport can a skinny teen like me get into?
Simply put, im a 15 year old skinny sophomore. ive gotten taller, but i want to fill it out with muscle so i don't look like a broom. what sport/extracurricular can i join?
the obvious choice is weightlifting. a lot of guys are skinny when they start out but the results are visible within a couple months. if you take it as a class you are guaranteed not to be able to quit b/c you will make a bad grade.

You could also embrace your body type and go for cross country or track running, where skinny people are the rule, not the exception. Basketball and swimming are other possibilites. You could excel at those sports and improve your muscle tone and cardiopulmonary function. (this would be my choice). Don't feel like you are limited by your size. Even if you are interested in football and have any talent what-so-ever, the coach will help you develop your body in ways that will accentuate your natural skills (e.g., if you are fast and tall you might make a good wide receiver. If you can throw the ball accurately you might make a good quarterback.)

Also, give it some time. You are only 15 and your body will continue changing for the next 10 years... don't be in a rush, the weight will come.
How does a skinny teen get rid of stretch marks?
I'm 14, 5'8 and 110 pounds. I just noticed I have stretch marks on my butt.hahaha. I didn't know skinny people got stretch marks, what causes them, and how do I get rid of them?

Does hydration have anything to do with it?
I'd say coco butter. It works like magic. But the real kind, not the lotion crap. You have to get the stick or the tub of it.
How can a skinny teen build muscle?
Hi, I am 14 years old and very skinny and tall. I weigh about 110 and i am 6 feet tall. I want to know how i can build a lot of muscle mass. I am focusing more on my upper body.
eat a lot of calories and look on youtube there are a lot of workouts there. Eat lot of cabshydrates , calories, and a lot water. Make sure you're getting between 1 and 1.5 times your body weight in grams of protein. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, you should be eating between 150 and 225 grams of protein per day if you want to consistently gain muscle. Eat whatever you can to get protein like meat,eggs,nuts,rice and beans. But you have to be dedicated to your goal weight and size. I used to weigh 105 and now i weigh 135 trust me. it worked for me.
What is the best type of bathing suit for a skinny teen?
I'm really skinny with skinny log legs and skinny arms. i am 5' 7 and weigh 95 pounds. What is the best type of bathing suit for me.
If you don't want to.. show your body, I guess you could go for one of these?………
Anyone would be good doesn't have to look like that but jus so you get the idea :P I think they're called a tankini or something like that
But If your comfortable with anything just go for a two piece bikini :]
What accesories look good on a really skinny teen girl?
I'm in 8th grade and need some good accesories to wear to school. I really like those chunky bracelets, but I'm really skinny so when i put one on it made my arm look emanciated! I just need some cute ideas for accesories. like necklaces and what not. thank you.
dont do big necklases with big rocks. I would do belts, earrings they can be long as long as they arent too much, bracelets no thick. and cute shoes with a nice purse! little purses look cute!
How does a stick skinny teen get sexy curves?
Im 16 and naturally skinny
I weigh 100 lbs & 5'1
I dont have any curves, hips & I have stick thin legs and arms

I want to be skinny but have curves
If anyone has any good work outs or ways to get a hot body
please help me out!

I want abs too!

oh and also is there any ways to get bigger breasts???
ahahah thanks!

some are really skinny on their teen years and the body develops as the age increases, maybe starting at 23 or 25.
the advantage of being skinny is when u reach a certain age your body will just look fine not looking like a cow or a mother of 5, and its not difficult to look good in any clothes you wear.
well, maybe u wanna try going to the gym if u want to tone or shapen some curves, will just cost u a lot pain and money.
or you could search and search for exercise that will somewhat help you tone your abs, hips, butt, etc.
Quick ways to gain at least 10 lbs. for a muscular skinny teen guy with a really fast metabolism?
I want to gain weight since I'm pretty skinny but have some muscle, am 145 now, want to get to at least 155-160 quickly
Go to and look at there mass supplements some of the stuff there puts 5 pounds on u in a week and its A LOT cheaper then gnc and it says on u unlike gnc's... if u do cardio do less and eat 6 to 10 small meals aday with high protein and carbs
Can a skinny teen girl eat salt and vinegar lays all to herself?
i want to know if it is possible, if you have seen such rare occurrence please inform me now. NO IRRELEVANT COMMENTS PLEASE
Yeah my girlfriend loves them and maaan she is fiiine ;)
How would a skinny teen build muscle?
I am 14, 5'5 1/2 & 100 pounds, and i actually get alot of protein in my diet ( beef, chicken, etc.) , but yet i cant seem to gain any weight! I know I have a fast metabolism.
I am 16, 140 pounds and just about 5'11. I also have a very good metabolism. I don't worry about my weight because there is no need to. Now because of our body types we can't get a bulky muscle type, however you can get a good toned / athletic build. And trust me chicks dig a toned build a lot more then a bulky type. Be very thankful for your good metabolism, some people gain weight so very easily. (they are mostly very fat)
How can a skinny teen gain weight fast?
16 years old.
6'0" height
150lb. weight
tall, skinny frame
I need to gain some serious weight in about a month.
Problem: even if i gain weight (in pounds), my arms, chest, and body don't get thicker in diameter.
Wat is a good routine to build muscle for me fast and gain weight?
hit the gym. ( the weight machines)
and then eat

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