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My girlfriend was a nude model, shaved fingers and open leg, any photographs out there?
That can tell me what goes on at these shoots?
Do they do anything you ask?
Do you ever sleep with the models?
Do they shave themselves?
Give me an overview of what goes on?
dude!!! why dont you ask her im sure if she can model nude and do all those things she can give you some in sight as to what goes on
At nude beaches, do a lot of people have shaved pubes?
Since shaving pubic hair has become a fad now especially in porn, I was wondering if a lot men and women shave their pubes when they go to nude beaches. I've never been to a nude beach, so I don't know.

For those of you who've been to a nude beach lately, do a lot of people there have COMPLETELY shaved pubes? If yes, then about what percentage of men and what percentage of women would you say are shaved?
Yes,about 80-90% Have shaved pubes
Anyone else tired of seeing all the shaved nude models?
I used to enjoy Playboy & other nude women's magazines back in the day but every time i open Playboy all the women are shaved i thought Hef would demand more of the models & 3 girlfriends who he over features too much anyway to at least keep some pubic hair i just find it boring these days to see all the women hairless, vintage pictures on ebay of the women from the 1960s & 70s with all pubic hair intact fetch top dollars i don't understand the bald trend.
A lot of women believe that pubic hair shaving makes them look younger, thus more desirable.

A physical reason women shave their pubic hair is because of the body heat build-up in the genital area. Shaving is supposed to help air circulation, thus reducing the heat build-up.

And also keep in mind; if they are great-looking in a Bikini, this necessitates shaving the pubic hairs. (Nothing more awful than seeing hairs poking out from under the "barely-there" material.)
Do girls like guys with shaved pubes?
I know for a fact that girls shaving their pubes is a fad now and most guys like it. But now I'm wondering if girls like it when guys shave their pubes. The reason I ask is because a lot of guys today seem to do it. A lot of male porn stars are completely shaved now and I heard that a lot of men at nude beaches are shaved.

So, do girls prefer guys to shave their pubic hair?
Yes we do!

It's not a fad. It's evidence of progressively better hygiene now that we understand why it's good to get rid of it.

Reasons to shave it off:

1. Shaving reduces odours that would otherwise get trapped in because of the hair. It smells better.

2. It makes a guy's penis look larger. "The tree looks bigger without any shrubbery surrounding it," as I tell my boyfriend.

3. Who likes the sensation of hair on their tongues, or in their mouths?

4. The feeling of smooth skin is always sexy and desirable.
Have you ever completely shaved your pubic hair?
Girls, have you ever completely shaved your pubic hair?
How old were you when you did it for the first time?
Shaven or hairy, how do you feel more sexy? What do you think men prefer?
I´ve never shaven my pubic hair, although some men do it.
When a girl likes to be nude at home I think its better for her to be fully shaven, otherwise pubic hairs may be left in the couch or in a chair or in some other place.
I´ve seen that happening already.
I have kept my pubic hair shaved bald since it first started growing. Pubic hair on a girl is really gross...
Are girl models expected to shave down there for nude photo shoots?
like in americas next top model, when they do a nude shoot are their down theres supposted be shaved ?
Generally they are allowed little or no hair, maybe a little landing strip, but the point of the nude photo is to show it, not hide it behind hair.
Was Joanna Christie in Equus shaved?
Curiosity as gotten the best of me, in the play Equus in London last year, was the actress Joanna Christie, who performed a 15 minute nude scene, fully shaved? or fully unshaved?
How about her replacement Laura Otoole?
And Anna Camp on broadway?
Did anyone see the play?
The links suggests she was shaved :

Movie & TV News @ - WENN - 22 February 2007On Friday, she shaved her head bald at a hair salon and then hit the Body & Soul ... British actress Joanna Christie has defended Equus co-star Daniel ... - 36k - Cached - Similar pages
Did you hear about the guy who shaved ALL of his hair off?
He wanted to be more aerodynamic when he went nude bungie jumping!
Hey maybe it worked;)
Should I shave before I pose nude?
I've always wanted to do this so now I am. For those of you who think it's wrong, please don't respond. I've got a little hair on the chest and pretty hairy legs and I'm going to pose nude for a fotographer. Most other pictures I've seen the guys are hairless. Should I or shouldn't I shave off all my hair? a photographer i would say no, but It does depend on what the style of the photographer is and even the mood of the shot.If it is more of a fine art shoot, then go as you are, maybe trim your pubs a bit.....but if its more of a fashion shoot then go smooth and a bit glossy, try silky lotion.good luck, let me know how it goes.
Is it customary to shave when going to a nude beach?
You all know what i mean...the pubes. lol I'm talking about a nude beach in the US.
It is whatever makes you feel comfortable. Some will be shaved bare, some will be neatly trimmed and you will find that there are some people who have never shaved a day in their lives. I say neaten it up : either get a brazilian or shave it into a shape you'd like.
Enjoy your experience.

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