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Who goes to public school and has facial piercings?
I don't think it's against the dress code but we'll see.
In school, we had almost every alt guy with a facial piercing. I had a lip ring right after high school, but it didn't last long. It got ripped out. (ouch!)

However, I did know alot of people with snakebites and nose rings. It was awesome.

Some schools are cracking down on us, but i'm not sure why. At least be happy that it's not like the Japanese schools where you can't wear makeup or put product in your hair.
How to improve eye contact/body language and facial expressions when out in public...?
Overall, im confident, but in terms of body language, facial expressions and eye contact, they arent very good and show me as a nervous shy guy infront of others in public (girls, etc) How can i get better body language, more happier but relaxed facial expressions etc? im sure that with good facial expressions and body language i can do better with girls, etc. Advice please?
dont think about it. remember a circumstance in which u are always comfortable, for instance when you are with your family or a guyhood friend, thats probably when u are at your most natural, try and project yourself and be the same way wherever you are. do not let a situation overcome u, we are all human and as paranoid as eachother, so your best bet is do not think about it.

failing that make sure you are always very well groomed, it will instill you with confidence and your body language will become naturally sexier. if you do not have good fashion sense, consult some mens magazines, gq and esquire are perfect.

Why do most attractive women have mean facial expressions in public?
or is it just me?
1) because you don't notice other beautiful women with angelic facial expressions.

2) because the women you looked at are either too into themselves (over confident), or they felt negative emotions (anger, depression, sadness, stress etc), or it's just their face that makes them look evil (ie- arched eyebrows can sometimes make a person look angry). negativity can definitely affect the way you project yourself to the world =]

addition: blair- there is something to what you say... but there are good people who don't smile much (and might have intimidating faces).. and there are evil people who smile all day and pretend to be nice. it's said that the biggest of criminals have the perfect front.
Do you experience Intense anxiety (facial expressions) in public - outside?
I don't understand why this happens! But when I'm outside - when people pass me by, go to the supermarket, generally in situations where there is people - I have intense facial expressions going on - like I can't control my facial expressions. So I'm either feeling like I'm frowning, smiling, I need to constantly control my face so I look calm but obviously I don't cuz people look at me weird... Do you guys experience this?
I think I have experienced this especially when I'm being very self conscious about myself in public. (i.e, I sometimes walk funny if I think I didn't wear the right shoes; I always tug at my clothes if I think it doesnt suit the occassion) However, if this frequenty happens to you, you should go see a doc because this might be a beggining of some tic or a syndrome.
Why can my public school force me to shave my facial hair?
okay my school is a regular high school and we are forced to not have facial hair.. i wanna kno if there is any forsure way i can fight this.. its totally taking away out freedom and ****. if we come in with facial hair they send us to the ossicae to shave with there disposable razors.. there has to be something i can do..
Yes! That is unfair! I know that I'm a girl, but I liked to know if I wanted to grow a manly beard, it's my God dam right to! Screw the system! Fight the Power! And any other anti-government slogan!
What are the rules/regulations for facial piercings in Maryland (frederick county) public schools?
i wanted to know (if any) what grade would it be okay to get a facial piercing (a lip/Monroe to be exact [if it matters])?
Mainly, it's at the discretion of your principal. Frederick School dress code follows:


Principals have the authority to impose dress requirements designed to support the educational responsibilities of the school and/or to contribute to a safe and orderly environment. Students are expected to be clean and dressed in a manner that is healthy, safe, and is non-disruptive to the classroom and school. Please note the THS reserves the right to adapt the dress code as necessary in order to maintain a safe and orderly environment.

• Students may not wear or display buttons, armbands, flags, decals, and other badges of symbolic expression that disrupt the orderliness of the school or are legally libelous, obscene, contain abusive language. Clothing or items that feature sexually offensive or vulgar words, pictures, phrases, derogatory expressions or language regarding a person's race, color, gender, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, or disability are prohibited.

• Students are prohibited from wearing clothing or items that promote illegal or violent conduct, such as unlawful use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, weapons, and gangs.

• Items that may be used as weapons (chains, spikes, etc.) are prohibited.

• Forms of identification concealment such as face painting and sunglasses are prohibited.

• Hats, bandannas, sweatbands, caps, visors, hoods, do-rags, and other head coverings are not permitted in the building during the school day.

• Male and female students are restricted from wearing clothing that is unduly revealing (plunging neckline, cut low under the arms, exposes bare midriff, pants worn below the hips exposing the underwear/boxer shorts or skin). Spaghetti strap tops, halter-tops, tube tops, see-through/mesh, muscle shirts, and backless clothing are not permitted.

• State law requires the wearing of shoes at all times.

Students who violate the dress code will be removed from the educational setting until a change of clothing is made. Repeated violations will result in discipline beyond the change of clothing. Headwear will be taken and returned at the end of the student's day and repeated violations will require a parent to pick up the garment.
Is there any sort of facial recognition database available to the public?
whether fro this country or another one?

or an independent civilian project databasing biometric info pulled from pics and vids on the net etc?
yes, but they're expensive and not very reliable/sophisticated
Facial expressions and public speaking?
I competed at a speech tournament for high schoolers today, and I noticed that the particularly effective speakers happened to be those with especially large, expressive eyes. It's a strange observation, but it's what I've gathered to be generally true, and unfortunately, I can't work that to my advantage, because I don't have* large, expressive eyes. What can I do to make it look as if I really care about the issue, and want to connect with my audience? More importantly, how can I practive making appropriate facial expressions? For the ladies who make persuasive speeches frequently, does mascara, etc, help? Thanks.
I know from experience it isn't the facial expression or how large your eyes are that does it. For me, it's making as much eye contact as possible with the people I'm speaking to. You want to make them feel you're addressing them on a one on one basis even though you're talking to a whole audience so make as much eye contact as possible.

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