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Should William Crap ****** sell the Lions to the fans?
It seems to be working well in Green Bay. The team won't leave Detroit either then. And even though Detroit is known as Hockeytown, the Tigers are the most historic Detroit team (the old Tigers Stadium was older than Fenway and Yankee Stadium), and the Deeetroit Basketball chant is famous up here, the Lions are still the most supported team in Detroit.
Hey, nice plug for the Packers! That would be awesome. I can see your pain, it's crazy when other teams consider your team "2 easy wins". The Lions would have to face collapse and fans would have to band together to buy them. It wan't too tough in 1921, but unfortunately today it just would be nearly impossible...
Where can i get the good morning mother ****** ringtone?
i used to have this ringtone on my old phone but it got destroyed and now i cant find it the ringtone said 'GOOD MORNING MOTHER ******, HAPPY ****** TUESDAY. AINT NOTHIN LIKE GETTING UP AND GOING TO WORK ON A ******* TUESDAY" please help me find it
Why is Kelly Lastiwka such an asshole?
This jerk thinks he's god's gift to women, and he's a fat, bald old ****** that should bloody well retire because he's an incompetant JERK OFF!
Likely this person has been bullied in their guyhood or any of their past and this has made them have to bring themselves back up again. In an attempt to do this, she puts down others to try to make herself seem superior. Dealing with these people is part of day-to-day life. If you would like, you can try the method of sluffing off everything she says and turning the other cheek which can sometimes be effective when trying to get someone to leave you alone. If not, confront her. Hope i helped. :)
Why have i become so violent what can i do about it?
I havn't always been so quick to violence but i used to be picked on i always relied on it as i grew up. Now that i am older, i do the same thing someone gets in my face i slug the ******. I dont know it seems integrated in my personality now. I dont like being violent but it seems like the only way anyone can avoid getting trampled by assholes is by being a bigger asshole. I dont know what to do.
I also resorted to violent means for a similar reason but I have given it up.
Whenever you feel violent remember what I did once and luckily survived.

More than a year ago when I was 19, I was playing cricket with my younger brother who was 17. He got me out and I got angry and jealous at his celebration and threw the heavy cricket bat with great force towards him. LUCKILY the bat missed him.
At that time we didn't narrate this incident to anyone. I didn't try to think what could have happened and passed it as a joke and didn't even apologize to my brother). My brother did not reveal it to anyone. I almost forgot what had happened.
Then after 1.5 years I came across an article internet about a death caused by someone being hit by a baseball bat hurled at him. I recalled the incident and realised that I might have murdered my own brother or made him disabled, blind, brain damaged can't type more.
I contacted my brother, he didn't want to discuss the topic and shunned me away regarding this topic. Later we are getting along fine and talk about regular stuff and even watched a movie together. But I was unable to discuss the topic further.

You need to find some other mechanism to defend yourself. The best one is to tell them to the face that you don't like it or avoid them. They pick on you because you seem to be affected by it, just ignore it and don't give them any reaction or just tell them to leave you alone and **** off.

But please don't resort to anything remotely violent because one moment of lost control may undermine everything you have done for most of your lifetime.

Remember you may not be lucky everytime as I was once, and there are many people who aren't.
Why is it older brothers are so overprotective?
Ok I was walking through town on Saturday night with my best friend,her boyfriend, and my boyfriend... We was just walking and talking and all a sudden I hear a loud truck, and I started to think " that sounds like Dustins truck" (my oldest brother) and I turn to look and guess who it was... DUSTIN, well he pulled into the parkinglot and got outa his truck and talked over to us.. and he was like get in the truck now, and I was like why, and he goes cause I am taking you home, and I was like mom and dad aren't gonna be home til late Monday night and I was gonna stay with Allie, and he was like no we are going home to talk about something that I have heard about you and your boyfriend and I was like wow what does it mater and he was like because you are my baby sister and I don't like to hear the things I am hearing from people..So I ended up leaving my boyfriend, my best friend, and her boyfriend standing in the parkinglot because he wasn't leaving without me, and he wasn't gonna let us walk anywhere...So on the was to the house he was like so what is it with me hearing that you had sex with your boyfriend, and I kinda just sat there and was like uhh who told you that, and he was like does it mater,, Is it true or not, and I was like do I have to tell you, and he was like yes so I made him pull of the side of the road so that we could talk and I told him that we had...He looks at me and says I will kill the mother ******.. and takes off.. and I am trying to tell him that we was save, and he was like thats not the point you had sex with a guy.. and I was like well did you want me to screw a girl, and he was like no..and I was like what is that big deal bub, we was save, I anit pregnant and I don't have a STD and he was like you and your boyfridn had sex, he got inside of you and you are my baby sister.. and I was like I am 17 and he was like I don't care. You are my baby sister and things like this don't fly with your older brother..Someone please tell me why he is flipping out
because he's your older brother
and he cares a lot about you
and he doesnt want you to get hurt
What song does you're gonna go far guy by offspring sound like ?
This is driving me insane it sounds like an older song by who I dont know but its only the dance ****** dance part like like 16 seconds in to 23 it there that it sounds like something else before my head explodes someone please tell me. I got it narrowed down to i think an offspring song, nirvana, or green day. HELP
It's been bugging me too... think some of it reminds me of 'This Ain't a Scene' by Fallout Boy... but I think there's more to it - kind of a combination of songs...
Im looking for a old school gabber/hardcore track?
Not sure what the lyrics are and its hard to write it but it sought of sounds like this. ah pisa pisa ah, pisa pisa pisa ah, ah pisa pisa ah pisa pisa pisa ah trick *** mother ******. its a pretty old track. might be of a thunderdome cd. been looking everywhere.
Sounds dumb so it must be Metallica.
My husband said "MOTHER ******" to me!?
3 days ago, my husband said "Mother ******" to me after having an argument.
I don't speak English like a native (I'm Japanese), but I know we shouldn't use the word even though we are husband and wife.

I never ever say "Mother ******" in Japanese to anybody and nobody said "Mother ******" to me.
I can't have a good sleep, because I still harbor ill feelings toward him.

3 years ago, my husband hit me in the face after having an argument, too.
I had the same ill feelings as this time and I still remember he hit me.

I can't forget anything bad that's happened to me even though I try to forget it.

I'm beginning to think if I shoud get a divorce.
We've been married for 6 years and we have a five-year-old daughter.

What should I do?
My Dear Ohennovy:
First, let me say I am sorry you have experienced the physical and verbal abuse, especially by your husband. This should not have happened, but since it did, let me give you the following advice.

From your letter, it appears your husband is NOT Japanese, but i believe he is either American or European. This makes a difference in the current situation.

It appears to me, that your husband has an anger management problem. That is, he does not control his anger well. This is proven when he hit you in the face, and again when he called you a MF.

You did not say what the issues were that led to the violence or the insult, but apparently it was an issue which angered him.

I recommend the following for you.
1) If he were to hit you again, you need to call the police and have him arrested. If you are living in the USA, you should know that domestic violence is a serious crime and most police departments will arrest the one who was violent.

If this happens again, make sure you sue him and ask the court to make him attend anger management courses so he will not be violent in the future.

2) Find a marriage counselor, and ask your husband to go with you to the counselor. Mention to him it is important in order to save the marriage. You should make a good attempt, especially since you have a young daughter to consider as well. If he won't go, then you should go anyway. This will help you to deal with him and it may give you some ideas on how to convince him to attend as well.

3) If the violence and verbal abuse continues, then see a lawyer and consider a separation for a while BEFORE a divorce. You may also need a restraining order if necessary.
However, divorce should be your last resort. 2 incidents in 6 years is certainly too much, but, is not as bad as it could have been. Clearly, he is not violent or disrespectful all the time. So determine what makes him angry, and try to avoid those issues and try to consider his viewpoint also.

Please understand, I am not siding with him. No man should ever hit a woman, especially his wife, and she should always be loved, respected and trusted.

I have been through the same thing in reverse. My ex wife was violent to me. So please feel free to contact me if you need more help or information. i am at boss755@yahoo.com

Good luck to you and your husband and daughter.
God Bless.
Mt brother is a lazy ****** and i dont know what to do?
My older brother is almost 30 and has never held down a full time job. He still lives with my parents as do i and he is more than happy to sponge off them to fund his social life etc. He claims to be 'ill' but we all know that's not true. I appreciate that he is a very nervous character and maybe that prevents him from going out into the real world. Even going out with friends he has to have several drinks beforehand. He has got so caught up with non reality that it would be a shock for him to start living like a grown up. I understand that my parents are not helping the matter by funding him - but not giving in to him is too much of trouble as when he wants something he acts like a guy. Not to mention that he is very narrow minded about society and thinks he knows best and can treat people as he pleases.

It scares the life out of me to think that when my parents are no longer around its my doorstep he is going to be knocking on. I just wish he would grow up and take some responsibility for his life and actions.
yeah sounds bad but i mean whats the problem?
why is he like this

i mean im 19 never had a gf, not allowed to date,socialize or party
never went to prom or anything
thats why i dont care to do a job
cause my parents believe all my money should go to them
to pay for university and school
i mean i ******* hate my life too and i mean he obviously is acting this way cause he missed out on something important
like his teenhood
i have
Someone provoked me and I attacked him, could i get in trouble?
An old high school acquaintance who i never liked was being a dick. We're both 20, he was insulting me for something embarassing that happened to me in high school i ***** say anything so i spit in the ******'s face. He swung at me, i took him down and i cut his forehead open with my elbow, he needed stitches. Now i am afraid hes going to press charges. Can i get in trouble for this?
YES. Losing your temper is no excuse. He may have provoked you, but you had the choice to walk away.

What if you had something in your hand, like a glass? You will probably be charged with assault. As a grown man, you should have known better. You aren't in school now!

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