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Latex balloons?
so i have like, 150 latex balloons i need to blow up for thursday. if i blow them up today, will they stay inflated by thursday or should i wait until wednesday? please help, i'd much rather blow them up now if i can!
If you're filling them up with helium, wait until the last possible time you can get it done on time. We filled up a bunch of balloons one morning for a party that night and set them up with all of the decorations. When we came back at the end of the day, about half of them were falling down. If you're just filling them up with air, they'll probably still deflate quite a bit by Thursday.
Why do certain colored latex balloons deflate faster than others?
My nephew is doing a science project dealing with the effects of helium in latex balloons. We know the answer to one question which was how long it takes for a latex balloon to deflate. We need to know why certain colored balloons deflate faster than others, in layman's terms. I know if deals with the oxidation but since I don't have the balloons myself don't know which colors are deflating faster, any ideas?
The rate of helium leakage in a latex balloon would more likely have to do with the quality of the balloon as opposed to color. There are numerous manufacturers of latex balloons, and although the basic ingredient, latex rubber, is common, there are other ingredients and processes unique (and some common) with every manufacturer. Have you done this experiment with numerous balloons to observe consistent behavior with the same color balloon from the same manufacturer? To take a wild stab (pun intended) at it, I would say that balloons with more pigment in their chemical make up would leak more than those that are transparent, which has the least pigment and thus the most latex.
How do I make latex balloons?
Is there a machine available to make latex balloons? If so, where do you get one and what is the cost?
You just need some liquid latex and something (preferably plastic) to use as the mold. I made a large inflatable chair out of liquid latex and canvas. Making a latex balloon is done the same way except rather than coating fabric, you coat a plastic object that you can peal the latex off of when done. Painting liquid latex is easier than operating any complex balloon making machinery (or so I would imagine). See here:
How long do latex balloons stay blown up?
Im having a birthday party in exactly a month and I already blew up all my balloons like a week ago (like 200-300) and I was wondering if they are going to stay blown up or are they going to deflate. They're just normal latex balloons from party city and I blew them up myself. I remember last year they lasted for a really long time i think but everywhere ive looked says it only lasts a few days...
They will last weeks IF: you tie the knot tight, you leave them alone until your magic day, don't let pets, guyren and women with long nails interact with them, keep them out of the Sun, keep them from tobacco smoke, make sure there are no sharp objects where they will be kept, and don't subject them to temperature extremes.
Does anyone know how i can get Pink Latex mickey mouse ear balloons. I only find them in blue red and yellow?
I would love to find pink, silver or black ear shaped latex balloons .
Hi There

Not too sure if you can get them but there is a website at which seems to have access to a fair bit of gear. Try them
Can i get headaches and get sick from latex balloons?
when i am at work i get real sick, nausiated and headaches. I work with latex balloons all day.
Pooh Bear; They are just hopeless as condoms! Stop it!
Does anyone know where I can find Latex Free Balloons or Pink Paper Party Lantern Garland?
Im throwing a baby shower and we cant use latex balloons due to allergies. Does anyone know where I can find nonlatex balloons that arent from mr.balloon , the mylar ones dont look attractive to me. I also was looking at alternatives like paper lanterns but cant find any on like a string/garland, most are expensive also. I need pink, yellow or white ones. thanks for any help!
party city? Check your local party stores!
Are latex balloons dangerous to smell?
My son blew up a whole bunch of latex balloons and they're laying all over his bedroom floor. His room stinks, smells like latex. I'm wondering if the smell of latex is dangerous to his health.
The aroma of latex is not dangerous to health. If it was, latex balloons would not be manufactured, distributed, printed, sold, and used in so many venues that they are today. However, if one has an allergy to latex, then the aroma may cause adverse reactions. If your son is not allergic to latex, then he will be just fine. Personally, I enjoy the smell because I inflate many balloon often. In fact, presently my bedroom is filled waist high with them and I don't smell it when I go into the room. Perhaps I am insensitive or just used to it, but I am sure that you would notice if you walked in there because you are not used to that aroma. I associate the aroma with pleasant memories, so maybe you can as well so you would not find the smell objectionable.
How long does it take for latex balloons to deflate?
I need to blow up 108 balloons with air, not helium, and I need to know when I can blow them up so that they will still be blown up on the day of when i need to use them. Any help is welcome, thanks!
we used these for my daughters christening and was pretty suprised that a week later they were still fully inflated!
How can I make my helium latex balloons last longer?
Ok my moms birthday is the day after tomorrow and tomorrow is Sunday and I didn't want to buy balloons on Sunday. So I bought some today thinking "maybe they'll last till Monday" only to find out that they will just last 12 hours :( Is there any hope?
You'd have been better off with Mylar. The latex is just too porous to last longer.

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