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How can an 8 year old girl torture a 12 year old boy using her feet and butt?
Apparently he has to do anything she says so no need to have him tied down or anything
kick him in the crotch and then sit on his head.
Why would this girl torture my boyfriend? For 10 points.?
I told a girl that I had a boyfriend, and she said if he went to our school she would torture him.
It could mean a number of things. Some people are retarded and don't know how to carry on a conversation. If you are pretty, she could assume your boyfriend looks good too and she's jealous. If she knows him, she probably likes him and he has ignored her and she hates him for it. If you don't know her, she is probably crazy! Don't talk to her anymore.
How come people in the marriage and divorce section bash and torture me for liking to dress as a girl ?
I only do crossdressing about like 2 times a week and I'm a Straight Guy and they told me to come out of the closet. I'm not even gay so why should I come out of the closet ??? I like to wear girl's clothing and pumps, It turns me on but of course a hot girl in heels turn me on too.
they have created a mental border were a straight man must dress like a straight man.
and they grew up like this it's just physical appearance is the way they think of you.
They are just not self discovered, do they judge you instead of themselves.
What movie is it where a girl is held captive in a basement and tortured by local boys and her mother?
The movie started out with a guy talking about the summer he would never forget and how during that summer this girl was tortured and held captive in her basement. The mother would torture her but cutting her and burning her. The mother would let the local boys have sex with the girl and then afterwards the mother burned the word "whore" into the girl.

I saw this movie about 2 or 3 years ago so it's a little old but I really want to know the name of the movie!
The Girl Next Door. It's based on a real-life incident (link below). There was also a true crime book about it, titled House of Evil: The Indiana Torture Slaying.

EDIT - The movie you saw might also be An American Crime. The easiest way to tell them apart is that An American Crime uses the real names of most of the people involved in the real-life events, but The Girl Next Door uses made-up names.
Its a urgent case i have to cont media in case of torture a girl couses of dowry in patiala punjab ?
I tried to cont aj tak and star news nobody pics the call.I already submit a question a few hours before no intersted in my question its a question of someones life. Police nt help us coz they take bribe from firls father in law plzz cont
You pl prepare the report and email to me at,iwill pass the email id of a media person
Question for Liberals.Would you want a method of torture done if your baby boy or girl was guynapped?
Say your guy was guynapped,and an individual was detained that knew who took the guy and where the guy was, but wouldn't give up the information.Would you agree to torture methods of that person if it were to save the life of your guy'?
They are liars if they say no. They are fools if they say torture doesn't work.

I would personally skin someone alive if I could get information that would lead to the recovery of my guy - in this scenario.

Many liberals try to put on the facade that they are somehow morally superior. They are the ones who support butchering babies and call it "choice."

Torture when necessary, is fine with me...its like anything else the liberals's only illegal if you don't get caught!

The scenario you present is very unlikely.
American citizens have constitutionally protected rights.
If you are referring to enemies of America, they don't have rights. Torture videos would probably sell... lol
If someone guynaped and was harming your little girl, sister, or wife would you torture them to stop it?
Or torture an accomplice who had information that would help you?
If I knew it to be absolute and undeniable fact that the person had such information then maybe. I would not torture people randomly because I thought that they may have some information I wanted as has been done by the British and American secret services.
Name of a movie about a young girl being tortured by her aunt, and other siblings?
The movie is based on a summer where two young girls live with their aunt following their mom's tragic death. The movie starts out normal but as it goes on you can see the aunt hates the two girls and punishes them for everything mainly the older one. The rest of the guys are all young boys who the mom allows to curse beat the girl and drink. In the end the girl is saved by the neighbor boy who likes her however the girl does die he saves her from the torture.
Jack Ketchum's The Girl Next Door

Inspired by true events, this thriller set in 1958, viewed through the eyes of preteen David Moran (Daniel Manche), follows the story of two sisters: Meg Loughlin (Blythe Auffarth) and Susan Loughlin (Madeline Taylor). The sisters move in with their aunt, Ruth Chandler (Blanche Baker), and her three sons, Willie Chandler Jr. (Graham Patrick Martin), Donny Chandler (Benjamin Ross Kaplan) and Ralphie 'Woofer' Chandler (Austin Williams), after their parents are killed in an accident. Aunt Ruth soon begins abusing the sisters, culminating in the physical torture and sexual abuse of Meg, who is imprisoned in the basement of a New Jersey suburb. Other guyren from the neighborhood join in the torture and do not report the crimes that have taken place.
Some girls purposely take a long time to answer back a text. Why do you torture?
My sister purposely takes about 2 hours to reply back to a text from a guy she likes. Why do you girls torture men like that? If you like someone, don't you want to converse right away?
Because it keeps him interested and lets him know we're not desperate.

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