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How should many young Hollywood actors who are just starting out in the business deal with any gay rumors?
Hollywood has this tendency, how do you think young actors shiuld eal with this if the subject came out.
I don't think they really have to deal with it. Every even fairly attractive male celeb has these rumors about him. It's gotten so blase that everyone, except for the little teenies, are like "uh huh, whatever". The gay rumors have become so hoary they need to start making up some new stuff.
Gay hollywood question?
Who are the male stars rumored to be gay? I'm just wondering because I just heard these rumors about Will Smith!
Those that I've heard rumored to be gay include Kevin Spacey, Vin Diesel, John Travolta, Tom Cruise, Keanu Reeves, Queen Latifah, Ricky Martin, etc., etc..
Do you think the gay "Hollywood" closet is huge or maliciously over-hyped?
I'm not gay, but I love Ellen, Elton John is a musical genius, and I have many friends who are
gay, not looking for points, my question is directed to the rumours of people like Eddie Murphy
and Kevin Spacey who have been talked about in gay circles as closet cases.
Ok, number one, Eddie Murphy is married !

Anyways, yes I do believe there is some famous people right now that are gay that have not came out of the closet .. ( Hence Justin Bieber )
Tom Wellington: Is he gay or does he just fit the Hollywood gay in-crowd image?
I don't know, you know, I know there are a lot of tabloid rumors (that are almost always untrue or inaccurate, if not both at the same time) that accuse actors (male actors, that is, just to be clear) of being gay. Heck, they even accused Tom Cruise of being gay several times! One of the most straight actors in Hollywood, despite the fact that he is very pro-gay.

But Tom Wellington...tsk, tsk; now there's a guy who just really raises some eyebrows. I mean sure, he's hot, everyone who I've ever sat down and watched an episode of Smallville with won't deny THAT, but they ALSO SAY remarks like "that show's so gay." When I asked several of my friends why (all were asked seperately, and in private, by the way) they all pretty much said it was because of Tom Wellington, and that he just doesn't strike most audiences as being straight.

Then I found these pictures online, apparently according to an article I read, from a time early in his career, when he posed for Playgirl. I mean...come on. I really don't think there is such a thing as "gay-for-pay." I think that's a cover-line for people still in the closet. If a guy is truly straight, his first thought for earning extra cash ISN'T GOING TO BE to go to a porn studio & audition for their next gay film, JUST BECAUSE they pay more than straight porn. Most truly straight guys would get a second job doing construction or working nights at Taco Bell for extra spending money.
nelly bottoms can spot other nelly bottoms really quickly... ;-)
I know that Hollywood's gay. I'd just like to know if anyone can name as many gay male actors as possible.
I'm a gay, relatively young, guy. As such, I'd like to know as much about the "gayness" of this case, gay male actors, in both tv, the movies and on stage....but I very strongly emphasize tv and the movies.

For example, I've heard rumors that Kevin Spacey is gay. I would really love to know the answer to that one.

So, as I said, I'm just curious about Hollywood's "gayness".

Lance Bass!
Jim J. Bullock!
Richard Chamberlain!
Rupert Everett!
Harvey Fierstein!
Sir Ian McKellen!
Graham Norton!
Robert Reed ("The Brady Bunch" Dad!)!
Charles Nelson Reilly!
George Takei (Sulu from "Star Trek!")!
John Waters!
Why do people think everybody in Hollywood is gay?
It gets kinda annoying how people come up with explanations that like every celebrity I look up to is gay... My most favorite singer in the world is Frank Sinatra and and I was on on the message boards people asking if he was gay because they were hearing rumors... That is ridiculous! If you think of a straight man of the world that gotta be Frank Sinatra...

Why do people think everybody and everything is gay..
Frank Sinatra is one of the straightest people you could meet. Well not anymore.... sad... but yeah. He's not gay. At all. The people that say that are just jealous. It's stupid. But he's my favorite singer too :) he's incredible. And he was a fantastic actor. Everybody was just making up rumors because they were jealous. That's why they make up stuff about celebrities. Because they're jealous.
Any Hollywood actor/s doing sexual favors to gay movie producers/directors in exchange to become famous?
I dunno if these things happen, some maybe are rumors but who knows "insiders" might know some things and give some blind items as answers here. I saw some gay angle in the Oscar-nominated movie "L.A. Confidential" starring Russell Crowe and Kim Basinger suggesting newbie actors do them, but that's just a movie.
They all do it, if they deny it they're lying!
Derek jeter gay??? There seems to be more speculation than ever before based on some observations/rumors from?
I think Jeter is a lock as a first round Hall of Fame selection...deservedly so. A great baseball player. That said...there continues to be questions about his sexual proclivity. Spring training in AZ tended to increase the speculation. It appears to some, that the Yankees are doing to him what Hollywood did with Rock Hudson and many other gay protect their investment. What do y'all think? If true, what does it do to his legacy?
What the HELL does his personal life have to do with baseball??????


Anyone who thinks your personal preferences have ANYTHING to do with your job or work life are nothing but useless pieces of human garbage and apparently are showing thier stupidity and bigotry in public.
Is Bradley Cooper gay?
If you ask me, he's not! But I was just wondering....He doesn't look gay AT ALL, but you know how hollywood rumors are...With all the rumors, he would have confessed if it were true, but there are really not even any true articles about it, so is he?
I think not, but I was wondering :) Thanks...
Gay? No.
Sexy? YES!
Did anyone know Michael Jackson personally or know anyone in his family/others close to him?
I have read the book by Ian Halperin, he claims everyone close to him knew he was secretly gay. With MEN that is - his research found he was not a pedophile. Or is anyone aware of secret Hollywood rumors etc?
My parents knew him, they were close to him. I wasn't really. He is not gay though, he's 100% straight.

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