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What should i do for the first time having gay sex?
I am a male that is gay and i am going to have my first time with a boy on monday. is there anything i should know? How should i start?
if its your first time i would just suggest oral. just get access to a bedroom or somewhere private. lay on the bed and start making out. feel your hand towards his crotch, and see how he reacts. if he agrees, then start kissing his neck. then down to his chest, his torso, then his... if you decide to get into annul after that make sure you use lube and condoms and LUBE!!!!!! dont worry about inexperience, its more fun when you dont know what your doing
I'm going to Bangkok for first time. What is a gay go-go boy show?
Are the gay go-go boys nude during the show, and what places have the best show. Thanks
You're getting some misleading advice.
There are several "pretty boy" bars around the Patpong area (a few soi's away from Patpong 1) which is off Silom Road.
Some have go-go dancers. There's also one such bar on Patpong 2.
THEN there are the "lady-boy" bars and shows, where tranvestities/transexuals dress (almost) as women.
I have, however, no idea if the dancers go nude, or what are the best shows, as I don't ride my bike on that side.
I'm gay. First time at a club tomorrow?
It's a friend's birthday tomorrow night at a club.
I've never been into a club, as I just turned 18. (Canada's legal age is 18).

I've never been out there as a gay guy, I have ZERO gay friends and don't know any other gay guy except the guys I've slept with, never been in any clubs or bars, so I guess that makes me what people would call "fresh meat" (had no choice but to use that term lol).

I'm hoping there would be some cute gay guys in the club tomorrow.
I'm attractive but pretty new to the whole scene.

Any suggestions? Tips? Advice?
I just want to have fun with my friends and check out and be checked out by guys at the same time. And have fun with the boys I suppose.
Just be yourself and have a good time. Oh but make sure you feel hot, if you feel ugly you wont have a good time. So just be free and happy.
Do gay men have it an easier in the boudoire?
I mean, when it comes to genitalia, gay men have their own genitals to familiarise themselves with while growing up.

Straight men don't get practice vaginas. We're expected to be able to fly those bad boys first time in the pilot's seat. Gay men get time in a simulator first.
hahaha . good point , they must be great lovers
My first gay time.. Need advice!!?
Ok Im 19, and Im Bi (I think) but anyways I was with this boy at my parents house. They thought we were playing video games, but really he was trying to take my virginity. It was my first time and I couldn't keep it hard the whole time. It got really awkward and embarrassing, this never happens during well to put it bluntly during masterbation. After an hour and a half we just gave up. Is something wrong with me? :( Because my first time was horrible!
It was your first gay time, you were probably nervous as hell. Nervousness is a large b0ner assassin.

Don't worry about it. Try it again later on. Also, maybe spice it up a bit. Work your way into it. Explore each other, find each other's sensitive spots.
Hi i,m 15 and gay looking. where can i find boys who are 14/15 year old and will be there first time?
in wa perth
Go to a gay dating site. This is questions and answers.
Where do gay boys go in London?
am a 21 year old gay boy visiting London for the first time with a friend. Where should I go to drink/dance? I am visiting Tuesday 28 Oct until Fri 31 October but I've heard there are places to out every night. I love to dance and meet people :-)

You'll find all this online but you should definitely go to 'Heaven' which is in the town Center - it's a very large gay nightclub with bars and dance-floors and it's great
I went to a gay bar first time last night and I don't know? I felt scared....?
I'm 18 for those of you who dont know, and last night it was my first time I went to a gay bar, but I felt scared? I didnt feel like I tottaly belonged there and it got me back into depression and issues with me accepting who I am. I'm scared mostly because, and I've always known this, but id rather I was gay then this, but I think im a FTM tran. From very little, I always acted and dressed like a boy, I refused to have my hair long and I was always attracted more to girls and had more guy friends who I did "boy-stuff" with. When I hit 13, is when i started changing and hoping I was just a lezbian girl because tran is even harder but now that I'm growing the feelings are stronger and I'm really down on myself. My gf broke up with me last night (of 6 months) because Im not a guy, shes straight, she loves me but she cant accept that Im a girl, I am REALLY going through an emotional breakdown, I need some advice, I dont kno what to do,I try my best to think positive but it still gets 2 me
dont listen to others point of views you know what u r inside..for awhile i thought i was FTM cause my g/f at the time wanted a man..but somehow fell in love with me and it stung everyday knowing I could never be the man she wanted me to be..kinda lame when i say it now..but anyways..for the longest i dremt of just going thru with the operation I was just not happy..i broke up with my g/f and even if i still love her to death I realize now that i was not unhappy being me it was what she wanted me to be that was shaping my perception of myself..i met another girl who loves me for me now..the girl that I am every tomboyish crazy pms'ing tantrum that I have she loves and I love her for that..she has made me realize that I am blessed to be myself..good luck in finding yourself and I feel for you at your time of despair..heartbreak is a real *****..keep faith it will get better..peace~
In First Gay Relationship. First 'Intimate' time advice? Mature Advice please.?
I've been in a gay relationship for about a month now with a very close friend now and things are going great!

I'm a 21 year old male student and have currently started a gay romance with my best friend who is 20. I ended my 5 year relationship with my ex girlfriend a year ago and after a gay friend confessed his feelings to me; I agreed to start my first gay relationship with him.

I have previously asked a question regarding this new relationship here:;_ylt=AkKjkWYshXa6lY6ERbTeRDbsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100317155847AA4ivD9

I was worried about going into this with my close friend but things have been going really well surprisingly; very little has changed since we started dating. We still hang out like we used to, our friends are still the same around us, the only thing that has changed is the affection and constent cuddles from him; sometimes I think he does it just to annoy me with his cuteness.

The past week has been a bit nerve-racking as even though nothing has really changed, when we are alone it does get hot an heavy; we make out and have had the constent gropping; I even preformed oral sex on him the other day. I was so nervous about it and dreading it but after a few minutes I really got into it; so was he of course. Long story short he got off (big time) and has been REALLY lovey dovey these past few days. The easter holidays has let us spend some intimate time together but we have not had sex yet. I lost my virginity to my ex years ago and not had for about a year where as my lover (I have no idea what I call him, its still strange) is still a virgin and really nervous about when the time comes.

Last night we where watching a movie at his place and half way through we got a little bored & frisky so after a long make out session, I started to undo his jeans when we where making out and he was really getting worked up. Just as I got his jeans off the phone rang and we both got a fright. After that he put his jeans back on and left rather embarressed. It was really like one of those moments in the movies where they are about to kiss but something happenes; such a cliché I know.

I think we are both ready to 'spend the night together' but after last night I think it needs to be REALLT special but I'm not sure how. With my ex I bought Silk sheets, bottle of wine, strawberries and candles; the complete works and boy did that turn out amazing! But I'm not sure if those things will work or just be in bad taste with my lover.

I will admit, silk sheets are amazing to have sex on and would like to have him on them but it may be a cheezy no? Candles set the mood but again I dont know if he would go for that or not. I want to surprise him with this and want to create a really great memory of not only his first time; but our first time together.

I'm also really nervous about this aswell, I've never done itwith a guy before and dont really know 'how' to make love to a man. I've watched a few videos (I'm so embarressed right now to even admit that) and the basic line of it is you bound his *** but thats not really my style but I dont know how to satisfy a man.

My questions are:

1 - What items would you recommend for our first time? What would you like to be surprised with ? Candles? Silk Sheets?

2 - Best way to make our expereince together easy and fun?

3 - General tips, advice, words of wisedom on the matter?

On a personal note, I do plan on using a condom and lube.

I appologise if any of the content offends you but I'm nervous and just typed what came to mind.
I'm not sure what you have in mind. The first time my ex and I had sex we just did oral and 69 and some hand job stuff. But we basically spent two days in bed. And of course a lot of making out and talking. We had anal a a week later, but he brought it up and said he wanted me to top. And I was fine with that arrangement. You don't have to go out of your way to set the scene, he will just be happy to have you naked in his bed. But candles can be a nice touch. Don't be embarrassed about any of this. If you are self conscious and inhibited it will ruin it. Communicate what you want from him. Listen to want he wants from you. Other than that, just go slow, spend some time on foreplay and don't just rush to the climax. Good luck.
I need advice on dating a boy for the first time?
im a male im gay and noone knows about it. im just really excited for the male species to be around me if u know hat im trying to get accross here. already one of us came up to me and started playing with my hair i thot i was about to "explode" i didnt do anything until the boy stopped and then he told my girlfriend that he is going to kick her **** if she doesnt break up with me and that im gay and i never even told him u can image=ing my worst situation im explaining. she aslo called my son and told him his daddys gay witch is not going to make sense to him until he turns 5 bu im terrified. i also cant tell my girlfriend what i was thinking because i had some many times to take her out and i forgot because of the gay p*** i was watching all over the televsision. thanks god she doesnt pay my bills. anyways i just asking for advice may i dump her maybe i get away from the first guy who tryed to insinuate im a gay boy but im not sure what to do is it okay for me to even be asking advice for this she never goes on yahoo she always uses search please help she wont knwo!
If you are gay break it up. Don't leader her on. Be youself

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