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Is There Gay Black Teens In The Brooklyn Area Lookin To Make New Friends?
I live in Brooklyn as a gay teen and i don't have any gay friends to hang out with so if anybody have a myspace account just give mi your email so we can chat and hopefully chill.
I'm a gay black teen, but i live in Wisconsin. I'll still give you my myspace url. And you should consider finding a gay youth clubs. I'm sure you can find plenty in a big city like brooklyn.
Where can i find gay/lesbian teen short stories by black/Latino ppl?
I wanna read short stories that relates to my environment. Not in the hood but just about gay black or spanish teens.
well i asked a question and didnt get much insight. Im latina & im 21 :) maybe u can ready my story lol
Gay Black Teen looking for love?
I am a black downlow gay boy, and I just turned 15 and I still do not have a boyfriend. I am so desperate and I feel like it will never happen. Most people tell me I will never get one because I only like masculine guys who end up being straight. I want to know if it is possible for 2 black gay down-low guys can fall in love, and be happy.
its possible. Just gotta keep looking. Ther es a man that you were meant to be with. Same with everyone (or a woman... wateva)
Im a gay black teen and i want to find somebody to be in a relationship with. what do i do?
anybody help?
You'll have no problem meeting lots of cool guys for friendships and relationships if you are out. You just have to know where to look.

First of all, don't even try meeting people through the internet- it's a total waste of time. It's crawling with losers, users, posers, con-artists, trolls, dirty old men and psychopaths. You're going to be searching for a long, long time before you find a non-cretin there. Meeting people face to face is much faster and more effective.

It really pays to have a network of gay, bi and straight friends that know you are gay. It works like the snowball effect- the more friends you have, the more new friends you will meet. Concentrate on making friends, not only on getting to know potential boyfriends. The more friends you have helping you search, the more potential boyfriends you will find.

Get involved in LGBT culture (friendly and curious straight people are generally welcome, too), which includes sports clubs and events, choirs and glee clubs, hospice care volunteering, counseling and big brothers/big sisters programs, church and other religious groups, academic institutes, summer camps, literacy programs, film clubs and other interest groups, pen pals, bookstores and libraries, picnics and barbecues, businesses, legal and political organizations, and much, much more.

I met a lot of cool guys passing out leaflets against Proposition 8 here in California last fall. I volunteered as an usher for performances during Pride Week and during the gay film festival (that way, I got to meet lots of cool people AND see lots of cool films).

I also belong to a gay teen soccer club and a gay diving club. I also tag along on hikes with a LGBT teen nature conservancy group that my friend is a member of. Last summer, we went to a camp for LGBT teens, and this summer were going on a canoe trip for gay teens in the Appalachians.

I'm the vice president of our school's GSA, and have made a lot of contacts in other schools and in the adult LGBT community. I write on LGBT topics for our school newspaper, and two of my articles have been published in the local city paper.

There are LGBT cultural centers in most cities and towns, even many mid-sized ones:…

If your school has a GSA or similar organization, join!

You can find out more about clubs and other groups in your area by contacting your local GLSEN or PFLAG chapter, or the equivalent organizations in your country.……

A lot of churches have groups for gay teens, especially the Metropolitan Community Church, the Unitarians, Episcopalians, and the United Church of Christ. Here is a site where you can find a gay-friendly church in your area (worldwide):…

Most of these churches are inclusive churches, so you don't even have to be a Christian to go to the groups. Visitors are always welcome, and none of these churches ever put pressure on you to join. I'm an agnostic, and I often go to the Thursday social of the gay teen group at the local Unitarian church. The guys there are really cool, and I've gone out with two of them.

Meet as many LGBT and LGTB-friendly people as you can. Meeting LGTB people is really very easy once you get moving. Take advantage of all the many opportunities available.

You're going to be waiting a long time if you wait for love to come to you. The world belongs to the go-getters. "Waiters" get only the rejects and table scraps, if anything at all.

If you are not out, come out already and start meeting people like crazy. Living your life and finding love will be a lot less complicated if you do. A lot of your problems will simply disappear because you won't feel guilty about being a liar, a coward, a hypocrite and a parasite (because you are leaving it to those who are out to fight for you).

How do you expect other people to love and respect you if you can't even fully love and respect yourself for what you are?

Before coming out to your folks, get a lot of practice coming out to other people your age.

Hope this all helps.

Good luck!
The gay black community?
I'm just wondering why can't find a black gay teen support website anywhere on the net.I mean why is that I feel that we should have a black gay support website because all the websites that I found seem directed towards gay white males.I mean the gay black teens face different issues than a white gay male would so why isnt there a website for this?
Sorry it is so hard to find the support you are looking for.
Here is an English website that I think is very cool and very black. I think it is sad that I don't know of one black gay teen support place on the web in the States.
Hopefully, soon the U.S. will be as civilized as Britian, but until then, enjoy Blackout!
Here is what they have to say about themselves:
About Us
Our Mission - To provide a space to disseminate information and for Black LGBT people to interact and discuss issues that are relevant to them.

Our Goal- To provide a one-stop, comprehensive resource portal where users can get information.

We have created this site for black lgbt people and their friends. This is a site for everyone! No matter what race you are, we all share a common philosophy -- that is, that we welcome diversity. Rejoice, enjoy, and explore the diversities, differences, and excitement of our cultures. Let's work towards making a world where there is no racism, prejudice and homophobia. It's our diversity that makes us strong!
What would you do, for black dad with gay teens and adult teens?
I want you to take this seriously, I have been told by my dad who doesn't UNDERSTAND homosexuality and where I am coming from, I don't believe it's a sin, I don't CARE what some book that was written decades and decades ago says, there are several editions of the bible it is hard to believe anything it says about homosexuality, yes it's true that a man and a woman can create a baby, a lot of people just don't wanna have guys because they don't have the time, lots of people don't wanna have guys from the start, me myself I had no intentions of having guys from the time I was little, I wanna know
why you black fathers have a very hard time dealing with their teens coming out of the closet to them, you taught your teen to be honest as they were growing up, and when your teen came out of the closet to you, I bet the first the thing you told them was they were going to you know where, you are posed to love your teen no matter what, they are not going to be around forever,
It's a sad fact that many men, of whatever race, take it as an insult to their own masculinity when one of their guyren comes out as GLBT. They think that it somehow makes THEM "less of a man".
Believe me when I tell you that IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT for how he feels, just like it's not your fault that you are who and how you are. My own father, while acknowledging his eldest son is gay, never talks about it and never asks me about it. LOL, my mother asks TOO much or tries to find some cause to blame. That is their problem, not mine, and the same applies to your parents.
You say you're 19 going on 20. I have to assume you at least have a part-time job. Now is the time to either make it full-time or find another part-time to go with it and get yourself out of that environment so you can learn how to live with yourself, before going on to do whatever else you want to do with your life. With luck, your absence will work on making your parents see you as a person and not an embarassment, so keep in touch, if only through a weekly letter or e-mail. But if it comes out that they don't want anything more to do with you, don't let that stop you from having and living a good life of your own.
We can't pick our relatives, but we can pick our friends, and more often than not they can be an even better family than the one that says they hate you now. I wish you luck in your future endeavors.
I was wondering if black boy teens can actually wear abercrombie and fitch without being gay or the white boy?
Well unfortunately i am very self-conscience about the clothes i wear and usually if you wear clothes like Hollister, American Eagle, or Abercombie and Fitch (and you are black) you are automatically labeled gay or the wanna be white boy in North West Florida so please help thanks
woww.. to that person who said stick to wearing fubu.....

anyways... well wat about the white guys or even gay guys ( they wear regular clothes like anyone else..... gay ppl wear all brands) that wear the stereotypical black guy brands?
Ive seen black guys wear hollister, A&F, and AE.
I think it looks good on them tho. =)
anyways stop going for wat ppl think. Its you. What if a black guy like u wants to wear the same thing but he cant.. until he sees u wearing it? Hes gonna think " oh, finally i seen someone wearing it" and he's gonna think its ok. U can be a trendsetter. Look at lil wayne and skateboy P.. pulling off that rocker look. Step up to the plate boy!!
I really hope u do
I was asking how many black teens get kicked out there home bc they r gay?
can anyone ask
Very many. In NYC alone there are 16,000 homeless guyren on any given night. 70% of them are gay teens that have been kicked out. 1 in 5 of American citizens are blacks so I would imagine that 20% of the gay teens are black.
Teens: do you think that gay has really become the new black?
Haha, I def think so. And ya know, thats reaaally sad.
I do think that many teens nowadays are a bit more accepting. There are those few that are like "OMFMFGG I HATE GAYS RAAAH" lmao, but yah..
I myself am STRAIGHTT but, I certainly can accept and respect the fact that someone is into something else, and I def believe that they should have the same opportunities as I do. I mean, how could I tell someone that just because they don't like men that they aren't allowed to do something that I am? Being straight doesn't make me any better than them!!

So: I wanna know what your take is on the whole "gay marriage" and your thoughts on gay people. you think gay ppl CHOOSE to be gay (which is a retarded theory, because with all the sh!t that comes along with it..why would anyone want to go through that?) or what? Why are people so discriminating? How long do you think it'll take for gays to be where blacks are now? Pour your hearts out: I wanna know what other teens think!!
The argument will always be there but things are surely getting better.

If I hear another thumb sucking, barely off breast milk, attention craving teen, claiming to be gay one more time...I'm going to scream!

It's getting ridiculous, and a bit scary. It's people like this who make the "born gay" topic so controversial.

I had several instances where i knew Posers who were only claiming it for the attention. It's not cute.

I'm so glad to be out of high school and away from all that...

But really people today are much more excepting but it will take at least another decade for people of the Gay community to get their rights.

©, gay black teens