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Is my anal gaping normal?
after we make anal love my **** gapes for about 2 hours is this normal
it isn't normal but it just means you have a tight hole.
Where can I find the largest anal gape?
I want to see the largest anal gape ever, preferebly in mpeg format.
This guy is awesome.
I have a Ball Python who has a white mucus substance coming from his anal area. Does this sound bacterial?
He is healthy as can be. There is no gaping or heavy breathing or anything out of the ordinary just this whitish discharge. He isn't eating these day but that is normal for him this time of year. Any thoughts?
i would have it tested at a vet. you dont need to bring him in, just a sample of the substance. it does sound bacterial, but it could be any number of things. just have a fecal done
My girlfriend wants to do anal to me?
We're lesbians and she just told me she wants to

Like you know gaping?

Should I do it or not and is it super painful?

Why would she even want to do this to me??
as long as youre both hot I say go for it. take pics
How can I get my bum tight again?
My bum is soo loose from all the anal sex that it doesnt even close.. Its like some big gaping hole and I have to wear diapers every single day to prevent stuff from just spilling out.
Is there any way that I can get it nice and tight again?
I thought you said you have a wife. What is she doing, ramming a dildo up your hole?

If you aren't a troll, Kegel exercises might help I suppose.
I had anal sex help!?
well my boy friend kept pressuring me to have anal sex and i finally did this is so embarrassing but now my you know what is gaping and i cant con troll my bows anyway someone can help me or tell me what to do?

The number one indication of a terrible lover when it comes to anal is a guy pressuring you. Good lovers guide you along and you come willingly because you have been pleasured every step of the way

You are not ruined but if her ejaculated inside your anus it is like an enema and you will go for a bit.

Here is how it is supposed to work.

You see I begin incorporating anal stimulation in my lovemaking form the very first time I touch a woman. A few light strokes with fingers on your anus feels sensual for most woman. Explorations with my tongue on and even into your anus follow.

Then when pleasuring you orally and getting you near orgasm I will insert a finger anally to make your climax much more intense. This will continue.except the next time I will insert the finger sooner and perhaps begin thrusting you slightly with it and so we will continue as you learn by my training that every time I touch you anally, every time you are penetrated anally you will get sexually pleasured.

Eventually the day will come when we are perhaps having vaginal sex, lying on our sides, me behind you and and I will pull out soaked with your fluids and position at your anus and then gently enter your tight passage with just the head of penis, just barely inside of you and then I will masturbate you to orgasm and withdraw.

Once again I am teaching you that anal play even with my penis inside your anal passage is a pleasure. Each time I do this you will be able to take another inch of me and soon I will be able to start anal thrusting with my organ. In fact soon she will be requesting anal sex and find it not only painless, but extremely pleasure filled.

It is the man's task to train you to enjoy. It sounds like your guy just violated your anus and hurt you trying to get your own pleasure. Women love anal IF it is done right - if they are trained to enjoy it. Any guy who hurt you like this is a terrible lover who has not the skills needed to be successful with anal sex.

It really can be a joy sweetie. Women gain the most intense pleasure via anal sex but you need a guy who actually knows what he is doing.

Feel free to contact me for more information
Couple's porn?
Well, I've recently had the pleasant surprise of my wife of 4 yrs finally doing her part in spicing up the sex life a little by bringing home porn. Her first two picks weren't too bad, but I'm sure to keep this trend going, she'll be leaning on me to help choose future titles.

As a stereotypical male in this regard, when it comes to porn for me, there is quite a bit that is fair game. My wife however, is still rather tame when it comes to sex, so my options are limited in a porn world filled with gaping anal, S&M, deepthroating.

Currently what she's most likely interested in is tame oral, vaginal sex, and limited, if any anal. Good looking males are a plus in these films for her, because, though I'm not rating them myself, some of the guys in these films do look drug of the streets or something lol.

Any suggestions for film titles for a couple starting this trend? I'm at a loss when it doesn't come to free porn! Google searches were mediocre in their assitance.
Best "classiest" (if that word can apply to porn) ever is Night Trips, starring Tori Welles. It's from the late 80s, but it still holds up. Very "tame" sex - but very erotically filmed, great cinematography and not too much plot.

Is there is a possibility of pregnancy, as we did anal intercourse on the 13th night of my abortion, still ble?
My pregnancy test showed positive. To make enough gape between my second guyren, as directed by the gynaecologist I took pills for abortion. But unfortunately on the 13th night of my bleeding (by taking the pills for abortion), on insistence of my husband we did anal. Still there is a mild bleeding. I suspect the semen was leaked from the anus towards the vagina while I slept after the intercourse. I am very much worried that would I get pregnant again. So, please advise me; is there is a possibility of pregnancy.
u CAN NOT get pregnant from anal sex. it could be positive still being u just murdered ur baby by getting an abortion and it takes time for ur body to go back to normal
Sexual Abuse Question for Pediatric Doctors or SVU police?
A 3 yrs old guy was brought to the ER in D.C. by her grandma in November. Grandma stated she believed the guy was molested and stated she asked the mother to take her to see a Dr. but mom failed to do so. They examined the guy & discovered vaginal irritation but not conclusive proof of abuse. Mom stated if her guy was abused it was in DC not her home. They discharge the guy with a bacterial infection and the mother brought her guy back to MD.

Grandma called Guy Protective Svcs in MD for follow up. They asked that Mom get a follow up exam on the guy by CPS in MD. Mom adament that her guy must have been molested in DC. She postponed the Jan exam to Feb. In Feb the guy showed signed of vaginal penetration and anal gaping of 10-12 mm, but the Dr. stated it appeared 2 be healing.

Could this damage in February still be from an incident in DC in November or is this proof that the abuse continued in MD? How long before the injuries would heal?
I would believe thats proof that the melostation continued. In simple terms, a anal penatration would take 1-2 months to heal. So yes its proof abuse continued in MD.
Does Anal Sex Fix Constipation?
like if you've been doing it for a while and can gape and alll....
ahhah wtf? wrong column much? ahah well uhh i dont think it does...

try fiber one or something with fiber AHA

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