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Female cartoons..........?
Im going to an 18th that is cartoon characters, and i need some help. Ive got hazel eyes and dark blonde overly curly shoulder length hair. Any ideas? Something simple too!
Umm you could go as WONDER WOMAN !!! Shes cool and she had curlish wavy hair :) Although the hair is different colour ... but thats not TOO important, u could always wear a wig ?
What do you think of a girl who says she hates the female zwinky cartoons?
What do you think of a girl who says she hates the female zwinky cartoons?
Nothing. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, no? Maybe they're just not her thing. Did she give a reason for her hatred?
What is an older movie where am man goes into the cartoon world and has sex with one of the female cartoons?
I watched this movie when I was younger I just can't seem to think of what it is.
Cool World
What are some popular female cartoons ?
So I really need to figure out a halloween costume.
I'm 17, female ,with brown ( long ) hair. If you have any ideas please answer , thanks a bunch :)!
Power Puff Girls :).
Lately i've been watching cartoons on tv and finding the female cartoon characters attractive. anyone else?
i often get erections from watching these cartoon characters and have found myself masturbating to them. what should i do?
its normal man, i do it all the time, heck i fricking love it! here's a good website to get off on, go to www.pornhub.com and type in the search "naughty naught cartoons"
What happens when you consider yourself straight but you get horny with a female cartoons boobs?
im a girl and i only get like attracted to only certain girls boobs

im sorry if you guys think im sick or a perve but im asking before it affects my future
please help
It doesn't mean that you are a lesbian or anything, it means that you're human. You are exploring your different emotions through sexuality. It could be that you are envious of the certain kind of boobs that turn you on, and your body is signaling it to you in a different way because you are still developing your emotional and sexual behaviors
Who are some female characters from a cartoon, anime, video game or whatever that you think should be tickle tortured?
Let's see: Sailor Moon, Kagome (from Inuyasha), Cynder the dragon (from the legend of spyro) & Coco (from crash bandicoot).
Why does female get pissed over dirty jokes? Even nasty joke cartoons?
At college, we got many email of dirty jokes and nasty cartoons. Some are them are so gross. Some even go on the cell phone and it come from multimedia text message.

Question is why women get upset and angry over this? When this message is a joke purpose, not to create a hatred, or trouble.

When I show this to any guys, mostly laugh and thought it's very funny. Sometime they ask me to make copy for them so he can show it to his friends.

But for girls, they get mad.

Why it's different toward male and female when it come to dirty jokes?
I'm a girl, and I think they are VERY unfunny. I'm in 6th grade, and used to tell so many just to disgust my friends. It got old quickly and even started to gross me out, so I stopped. They're not even worth the shock value anymore, they're just annoying and fawking stupid. :|

Maybe guys still find it funny because it's an ongoing joke for them, and they tend to be (though not always the case), less mature than females in some fields.
Are there any movies or tv shows (including cartoons) containing a female race car driver?
the only one i can think of is speed racer trixie!

are there any others?
Penelope Pitstop from The Wacky Races

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