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Fatty girl???
if your height is 4'11 and your weight is 101.2 lbs.. does that means your fat?????????????????????
Your body mass index is fine. It's at 20.5. Overweight is measured at greater than 124 pounds. Your normal weight should be 92 - 123. So your family, friends or boyfriend are wrong!
I like a little fatty girl (85kg) and less I ask my self why I dont Know?
I'm looking for little fatty girl can any one help me
start doing little squats,lunges and yoga,u ll definitely identify some change,don't feel depressed,u ll b like other girls if u really keep a hope and doing exercises with out breaking in middle,but remember to drink a lot of water and eat less fried and more boiled foods,al d best
Did you see michelle obamas fatty girl tonight?
she is built like a brick house.
um no, good for her though...
Is it weird that m step sister calls her baby girl her fatty?
she had her baby a few months ago and she now calls her " her little fatty"
is this normal?
Um no i don't think so. The little girl might end up feeling bad all the time because her mom calls her fat.
I keep hearing this song at shopping malls.. All I can remember is "I'm a fatty girl" ? Does anybody know?
The female vocalist keep repeating that line at the background and the main singer is a guy.
Type that line here:

Fatty foods for a boy, skipping breakfast for a girl?
I heard this on the news the other day that there was a study that women who ate fatty foods throught the day more likley had boys and women who did not eat breakfast or skipped meals had girls. I dont know what that has to do with the sperm for that determines the sex of the baby. Maybe the sperm can smell? But on the other hand I always eat fatty foods but do not eat breakfast and had a boy, my sister barley ate and had a girl so who knows.
I think some of the people here aren't fully getting the experiment. It's what's you eat PRIOR to getting pregnant, not during. Certain things can affect how your fertile CM is and weather or not it's more favorable for male or female sperm.
I am 15years old.my last period date was 21st nov.dec and jan there was no menstural cycle.i am a fatty girl.?
what may be the reason?
You may immediately consult a good gynecologist. You may be having complaints with ovary. (Polycystic ovarian complaint or so.) Ensure it and take proper treatment or it may lead to severe complications in future.
Is it Ok to make a fun of a girl and call her fatty, even if she is slim?
but only in a joking way. whilst holding on to her extras and saying she has alot of sexy Junk. i like girls who are a bit meaty. as it means there soft and huggable. i dont like the feeling of bones.
If you do this in a funny manner your girlfriend will not mind. she knows that she is slim even if you make fun with her.

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