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What is your favorite "nice word" for fat folks?
I have two: plumpers and big-boned.
I like accuracy in all things. Fat is the only descriptor that applies.
Learning to love fat women?
Okay, so the only females that are attracted to me at fat. So instead of trying to like healthy skinny women, I have decided I need to learn to love our plumpers. How do I do that? Is there any hot fat porn star women that I can look at that can change my mind?
Ok? Seriously?
People can't force themselves to be attracted or to start trying to learn how to like 'hefty' women.
Maybe you should just try to get to know 'any' women, no matter what size they are, or what they look like. Getting to know someones personality and discover things y'all have in common makes a women attractive. Same goes with girls. A guy with a good personality, starts looking attractive, even if in the beginning you didn't think so.
So take my advice. And try to talk to some 'girl' that isn't ugly, but isn't like 'Damn' that chick is sexy.
and get to know them, you will start liking them, most likely, if you like them as a person. Not just by their looks.
Do Lip Plumpers really work? I'ev used a few and saw no difference. Help please?
I've tried Sally Hansen Lip Inflation, Too Faced Lip Injection, and that Fat Lips one.. don't remember the name, and some cheapy ones, and none of them really had any effect other then tingling my lips a bit. Anyone know of ones that work?
The only one that worked for me was "Citylips". BUT my lips got too plumped and looked like I had hives. I used it VER Ysparingly and got good results. It kind of stings too. I tried Lip Venom and did not get any results.
Fat Transfer on lips (part of my lip came off)?
A few years ago, my lips got really chapped and the middle arch on the bottom of my top lip came off. It hasn't grown back and there's just a dark pink patch on my lip there so I doubt it's going to grow back. Other people would only notice a slight change in before and after but it's a big change to me. Especially in when I talk and smile. Is there anyway to get a fat transfer or some form of permanent lip surgery to make my lip bigger again? I'm 15. I don't mind if my lips aren't the same shape as they were before but just as long as the top lip is bigger again. I've tried lip plumpers but none of them work and the ones that claim do, are expensive and painful. I tried one brand that worked but it had a bad reaction to my lips and it almost made the same spot on my top lip come off again. Also I can't keep applying that gloss or lipstick every hour and constantly worrying if my lip is right so makeup is not an option. What about fat transfers and cadaver tissue stuff? Please post.
Collagen maybe? Are you being serious when you mention cadaver tissue? Can that be done? Seems a bit strange. Good luck finding something that works.
Why do i always get fat girls?
First off sorry to offend anyone that is gravationally challenged but im very tired of attracting plumpers. At work, the mall, the neighbors , the clubs...all that comes up to me and gives me the time of day. Im thin and in shape and a pretty decent looking italian guy. I love all races of women except the plumper race. Now let me clear this up, i dont mean girls that have extra wieght,,,,thats fine, i like thickness , but i mean fat like large where have trouble walking and waddle.
Im not superficial but i like someone that takes care of themselves because it shows that they love themselves and respect the way they look.
Has anyone had this problem of only attracting people that should eat just salads(fat people).


And im sure i will get some angry people but...who cares its a ligid question...you know it happens to you
Some women are not very "conscious" or "aware" of themselves. They see something they want and go for it regardless of whether it is a physical mismatch. Sometimes they know they have no chance and feel they have nothing to lose so why not talk to and flirt with the handsom guy?. I am a fairly attractive man and I used to get this a lot also, very frustrating. Sometimes I got kind of angry thinking "I groom and dress well, work out, am intelligent and successful and this is my reward? But know that the slim attractive ones are interested also. They just aren't very bold about it, in fact they usually go out of their way to pretend they don't even notice you but they do. One time, I went to a night club with a friend who was a woman and we easily looked like a couple. I was studying this sick attractive game and so I said to her "you tell me what women are looking/talking about me when my back is to them, and I'll tell you what guys are checking you out when your back is to them. We could hardly believe each other !! In her case, three guys were checking her out and as soon as she started turning toward them, they spun around and completely ignored her. The women checking me out did the same thing !! It was the most shocking, important lesson I ever learned about attraction. I hope this helps answer your question and gives you some interesting info as well.
My Kids are fat and selfish, how can I get rid of them?
My eldest is 11 and comes in at just under 16 stone, the younger two are twins and a right pair of plumpers at 13 stone. (They're only 9) I can't afford to keep them considering the amount the fat little piggies insist on eating. I can't think of any reasons why social services would take them away and I don't really want to kill them because that's just sick. I also can't afford Boarding school.
haha i actually laughed! :')
of course this is a joke!
no one would think like this!
probably just trying to see the reactions of people
What is the best lipgloss color to work with Asian (Chinese) skin?
My skin is neither warm toned or cold toned. It's just medium. I like brands like Elianto/Maybeline/L'oreal. Also, i hate lipgloss with irritants. Some call them lip plumpers. I don't have thin lips so no need for glosses that make my lips look fatter.
I'd look for a sheer skintone, just a little lighter than your lip's current color, for day-to-day wear.

For out on the town, maybe a soft but dark red/mauve shade...

I wouldn't go for any lipstick, or any really dramatic colors, just the tinted gloss's. :]
Fat lippps red on fire?
k....so ive done some reasurch on yahoo about all these lip plumpers.

im thinking about getting too faced lip injection extream, because i want something to acctually plump my lps... but then i read that it just hurts like hell and taste like crap.

haha, so what would you recomend. i know my lips wont be huge, but i would like something that works and taste good so when i kiss my bf he wont be all grossed out.
I dont think you should get a lip injection they can result in overly large lips or very scared up lips it shouldnt matter about the size or shape of your lips .Every one has their own unique thing .you may never know.he may love the way you kiss with those lips.so try it
Lip Plumpers! Whats better?
Too Faced -extreme
Too Faced-Injection
Too Faced-Fat kiss ????
OR What works for you?! =)
Duwop. It's about $15.00 a tube and plumps lips instantly. You can feel it tingling which is nice, too.
Fat mouth kiss?
k....so ive done some reasurch on yahoo about all these lip plumpers.

im thinking about getting too faced lip injection extream, because i want something to acctually plump my lps... but then i read that it just hurts like hell and taste like crap.

haha, so what would you recomend. i know my lips wont be huge, but i would like something that works and taste good so when i kiss my bf he wont be all grossed out.
lip gloss! they have all kinds of flavors. Why would you want your lips to be big? I think people should be grateful they were born with lips! lol.

But anyways..they do have some "lip plumpers" at the store im not sure they make your lips actually bigger but probably they appear to be bigger.

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