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Why do people think blonde cheerleaders are ditsy sluts?
Im a blonde cheerleader and im not a slut. i may not be the smartest person but im not stupid. is it because guys consider me "hot" im automatically slutty? and i wear cute stuff so i just have to be stupid? im not a virgin and a war a thong. thats everything and its not like i flaunt those 2 things either someone found out and it just spread. oh and im rich too so ima spoiled brat?
Well blondes are usually mostly classed as the beautiful ones and guys hit on them alot and get turned down and to show their real side they call girls bad things (and you wonder why they get turned down :P)

I never think of Blondes as sl*ts or any girl with what ever color hair they have... all girls are beautiful and should be treated as if they have been dropped from heaven....

the only true sl*ts which is the only term i use for when if they cheat on you.....

guys use the term sl*ts or wh*res or other bad things as a defence mechanism from being rejected and in turn i feel they should never get a second chance with the next girl who actually may show interest when without knowing that previously told a girl that she was a sl*t because turned him down......

I feel sorry for all women who have been called this...
How can i become one of those stereotypical blonde cheerleaders?
popular, beautiful, life of the party, everything.

how do i get there?
have sex with the quarterback
Why do people hate blonde cheerleaders so much?
the ones at my school are really nice and not bitchy and barely slutty at all, so why do ppl hate them?
when someone has NO reason to hate someone and they do, they are jealous. PLAIN AND SIMPLE. this applies to everything, co-workers, aquaintances, not just cheerleaders. they may not be jealous of their appearance, but they could be jealous of their confidence, or popularity (people tend to recognize you when there are only 10-20 in the school) or they may wonder if they could do what they do.
Does anybody know where to find a specific porn movie where there are two blonde cheerleaders who show up at a?
well hung guys house selling something for a fundraiser for their cheerleading team. The guy invites them in so he can get them some money. He is only wearing a towel. He returns with money and the towel falls off. The girls say they were just wondering what it looked like and he says for them to show him theirs. They pull their panties down and he sits beside them on the couch. Then it all starts happening...
I think the movie you are talking about is Hustler's barely legal #2. You can find it here… it is scene 7 I believe. One of my favorite porn scenes.
Are cheerleaders the stereotypical bullying blonde anorexic bullying mean girls there made out to be?
I live in Scotland & we don't have cheerleaders or jocks over here.
So to all you americans out there. Are cheerleaders really the stereotypical bullying jock dating blonde anorexic bullying mean girls there made out to be who bully anyone different from them?
and if you are a cheerleader. Do you bully? Have you ever bullied? If so why?
Some are and some aren't. It really depends on the person.
What wrong with BLONDE CHEERLEADERS?????!!!!!!?
ok... i am a blond cheerleader.i am a tomboy but every one thinks i am a prep because i have blonde hair and i am a cheerleader.and those blonde jokes are so stuiped.. i mean who would actually say that that is so stuiped..come please tell me whats wrong with blond cheerleaders !!!??????**
There is nothing wrong with blonde cheerleaders, but you've gotta understand that it is a stereotype and most girls out there that are "blonde" and a "cheerleader", want to be classified as that, but its all about how you make yourself out to be.
Question for hot guys ONLY! Do you find toned blonde cheerleaders pretty and would you date them?
Just curious...sweeties
Only if they are smart too

What do blonde cheerleaders like to talk about?
today we said like three things to each other. we talked about nightmares, how are teacher is too lazy to open our homerooom door, and facebook quizzes. (i told her how i was prepy, emo, and japenese) this happend in 20 minutes so its kind of akward. so what do blonde cheerleaders like to talk about? (she used to be a cheer leader, not nemore)
The release of American journalists in Nth Korea.

The arrest of terror suspects in Australia.

The recent G7 summit

The global economic crisis

The economic and social impact of illegal migration and people smuggling

These are topics that blonde cheerleaders do not discuss.
Do you think all cheerleaders should be blonde? Are they all prissy?
I'm a cheerleader and when I tell people that they go " oh you cant be a cheerleader your a brunette and your way to nice" Just because I'm nice and not blonde doesn't mean i can't be a cheerleader!!
Unfortunately, the stereotype of the blonde cheerleader with an ego is largely accurate today. However, like you said, not all cheerleaders are like this. My brunette sister was cheer captain and one of the sweetest girls I know (though granted, I'm a little biased). Just tell people what you told us. No all cheerleaders are how people portray them.

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