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How can i get a bikini beach body?
my friends all planned a trip to barcelona for next year on my birthday, i have only been told now and i want to have a bikini beach body how can i get fast easy results within less than a year?
Two (2).Things
You need Willpower & Wont power
Wont eat Junk food
Wont drink soda's
Will Exercise everyday
How to get the confidence up to wear a bikini at the beach?
Ive bought a bikini, for the beuatiful hot heatwave weather, we are heading for the beach today, how can i get the confidence to go and wear the bikini at the beach? Without cowering and covering it with my arms everytime people look!
Sod the lot of them! Look around you on the beach - you'll see all shapes and sizes displayed for all the world to see! You may feel a little large compared to some of them, but I bet you look like a supermodel compared to the majority of real women! Smile, swing your hips and be proud of your womanly curves. A sarong around your hips may help your confidence and give you even extra confidence! Enjoy!!
I want to do a bikini beach photo shoot. I have a pale not-tan olive complexion, what colors are best to wear?
I live in LA and the sun is bright this summer. In the summer I usually wear bright colors, as I can tan deeply. But this year I am minimizing my exposure to sun and I don't want to get a fake tan.

The photo shoot will be in natural light. I have light brown hair with natural highlights and hazel-green eyes. And a translucent/pale olive complexion - I will be using natural looking makeup.

For the swimsuit: Black, brown and bright colors (my usuals) are defiantly too dominate for my complexion without a tan.

I have no idea what color to shop for and no budget for a stylist.

Would you recommend a grayed-coral / rosewood / gray-violet pallet, pastels, or something else to compliment a pale olive complexion?
My friend has your exact skin/hair etc and she looks amazing is gold tones!! try earthy but vibrant colours like tans, bronzes and golds (very in this season) ! it will bring out your eyes and nice hair colour and wont make you looked washed out as your skin in pale. It will work well with your olive skin too and youll look as nice as the beach itself!
Good Luck!!
How to feel good in a bikini at the beach?
Im 15 and im not as thin as i used to be.
I look good in one mirror, but bad in another (specifically changing room mirrors)

How can i feel confident in a bikini walking down the beach in hawaii?
Go with a bunch of girls uglier and fatter than you. Its mean but it would work haha. Otherwise just go with a group of good friends and you will forget about it.
Did the paparazzi snag any photos of Hillary in her bikini at the beach in Cape Verde?
Rememeber the last time we saw Hillary sporting a bikini?
At the beach with Bubba back in 94?
Do you think Hillary looks better in a bikini or one of her trademark pantsuits?
Hillary is hott
I'd like to get some photos of her
I thik it is the hipps
Why is it socially acceptable for a woman to wear a bikini to the beach and not a bra and underwear?
They're essentially the same thing, just different pattern/fabric.

So why is it socially acceptable for a woman to wear a bikini to the beach and not a bra and underwear?
I think it's only because generally people associate the type of pattern and fabric (such as lace, animal print, etc) used to make bras and underwear with the bedroom (they're called "intimates" for a reason). This is probably because of the media frequently featuring women wearing fancy looking lingerie with certain types of patterns and fabric. So it's not necessarily because of the amount of skin exposed, because obviously it's the same amount for bikinis and bra & undies.
Also, one practical reason might be that it may not be appropriate to wear regular bra and underwear at the beach, since they are generally made with thinner fabric so they would become see through when wet. And there might be guys at the beach or something...
How Can I Change My Bikini At The Beach In Private?
Is there anyway i can change from my bikini back to my clothes at the beach using a towel and garuntee nobody will get a glimpse?

Btw, there arn't any changing rooms available.
u coulld rty it but i wouldn't : )

Can you help me out?;_ylc=…;_ylc=…
Is it fine to wear string bikini to the beach?
my boyfriend got me a string/thong bikini and it's quite sexy.
we plan to go to the beach is it ok to wear this in public places as such?

I know that it is not decent if a guy happens to come along but if i wear a silk wrap around it's sufficient isn't it?
It's fine and sexy. Be confident!
Should I wear a 2 piece bikini to the beach?
I really want to wear a 2 piece bikini to the beach with my friends in a few months, but I've got some fat rolls showing on my belly. I'm 14, 5'3 and was 140 pounds about a year ago. I've gone down to 120 pounds but I've still got fat rolls. Am I just worrying too much, because my friends say I am, and should I wear a bikini or not?
You should wear your bikini and stop caring what other people think so much.
Is it wrong that I want my wife to wear a bikini on the beach, she is very hesitant. What should i do ?
We are both muslims, practicing liberal muslims living in London. She isnt comfortable wearing it and thinks its wrong religiously. I just think that since everyone is wearing it on the beach, what is the issue? If she too wears a bikini she surely will not stand out.
Suggest a tankini.
She won't stand out as different in that and she may be happier being a little more covered up.
In case you haven't come across a tankini, it comprises a two-piece outfit with separate pants and a tank top, but gives a covering power of a regular cozzy

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